Football Ligue 1 – OL: Stronger package than Gerson, the OM is struggling

Zipped by the UNFP Trophies, Lucas Paqueta can comfort himself with the honorary title of best foreigner in Ligue 1.

Through its website and its social networks, the LFP has organized voting with Ligue 1 followers in order to win the best recruit or even the best foreigner of the season. Pouring a majority of the extra 20.000 votes, Lucas Paqueta was shown to be the best foreigner of the season 2021-2022 in Ligue 1. Great during the first part of the season with the Olympics Lyonnais, the Brazilian international to know a much more complicated civil year 2022. Juninho’s start affected him and the adventure turned to vinegar with OL to the point that Lucas Paqueta is today on the list of undesirable, which Jean-Michel Aulas wishes to sell for more than 50 million ‘ euros on the transfers market. On social media, this election of Lucas Paqueta has in any case created buzz and supporters of the Marseille Olympics, for whom Gerson deserved the title, did not fail to point out what they consider an injustice.

OM supporters voted Gerson

“Gerson has a Package in every step” written for example Titi (you’re the boss), one of the most popular Twittos in Marseille, the one who welcomes every recruiting at the airport during the market period. Numerous followers were on the same wave length this Monday after the election of Lucas Paqueta in favor of Gerson. “Live as Gerson plays in Ligue 1” ironically a supporter of the OM. Others embraced. โ€œI believe Gerson has had a better season than him and that in every field. Statistics, defensively, offensively, mentally in short โ€,โ€œ Gersonโ€™s season closes the eyes closed โ€,โ€œ Gerson Majer Fofana whose icing cat? ยป i-encore mo “It’s a pity that Gerson was born in Boulogne sur Mer, he could have succeeded” ironed out the Marseille Olympics supporters, filled with Gersonโ€™s excellent season and who obviously considered the best foreigner of the season in Ligue 1 to be the number 8 in the OM.

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