Football. End of AS Nancy Lorraine adventure for Damien Grégorini

For Nicolas Florentin and Gaston Curbelo, two of the three educators on contract at the ASNL training center, the wait is still about their future, but for the third man in this case, in this case, Damien Grégorini , is now settled. The former goalkeeper of the pro team, also passed by Nice and the OM, has just signed with FC Mondercange, D2 in Luxembourg. Damien Grégorini will obviously be the caretaker of this luxurious club.

This is a long page that turns out to be the original Niçois, aged 43, since he arrived in Nancy in 2007. Damien Grégorini, a former French international hopeful as well, and the 2006 League Cup has not yet taken place. (he was on the bench tonight) but he had a good time at ASNL as a player, including the European campaign in 2007.

During his conversion, Damien Grégorini had started by training the prospective guards before integrating the staff of the training center in the Hague forest.

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