Football: Echoes of the “Coquelicots” montechois

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Although the end of the season shows the end of its neck, the assembled “Coquelicots” are still active.

On Saturday, June 11, the U6 to U11 girls spent their morning on the canal to play beach soccer, football or even tennis ball. A beautiful delegation of Montéchoises was present.

National Beginners Day

As part of the closing of the 2021-2022 season, the Tarn-and-Garonne football district will organize the traditional National Beginners Day (U6 to U9) on Saturday 18 June. This day will take place at the mounting facilities, at Cadars Stadium, in co -organization between the district and the mounting club.

Permanents will take place at the stadium’s clubhouse in June, on Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Saturdays from 9pm.

Except only for renovations until July 2 (and new license in agreement with our educators).

Women’s section

The 2022-2023 organization chart of the women’s section is in place. Next season is well announced. In the U9F/U11F, Mika Rivière remains in his category and will continue to host new footballers.

His U12F/U13F, Renaud Mathieu who is from the Toulouse region joins the section to join the club’s project and make the players progress.

In the U14F/U15F, David Barthe fits in with a part of his group that he avails in U13F. Lucas Malaval remains in the section and will help keep up with his schedules in the categories.

In the U16F/U18F, Laurent Dalenc, Alain Pailhas and Christelle Lamiable remain with their group as announced last year in order to thrive in the league.

Laurent Dalenc and Alain Pail may also take on the F seniors to make the link between the two teams (U18F seniors).

“Next year, some of our U18s will be seniors,” explains Laurent, section manager, and we need to create and maintain a continuity link with the U18 R2s. In two years, it will be another wave that will rise, we must therefore from today begin to reduce the level gap between these two categories to form a homogeneous group. Laurent continued: “The goal will be the creation of a team of 11 seniors. ” here a few seasons. So it happens through the recruitment that we put in place from today. “

Whatever your age category, if you want to practice football, do not hesitate to call Laurent Dalenc on 06 44 23 58 60 to get more information and join the CMFC this season!

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