Football. Barrage back: the girls of AS Cherbourg can still believe!

At Picquenot Stadium this Sunday, the Cherbourgeoises led by Angélique Alexandre hope to overthrow Rueil-Malmaison, winner to go (1-2).

Beats on the way to the access phase in D2 on the score of 2-1 against Rueil-Malmaisonthe girls of theAS Cherbourg (Manche) are thirsty for revenge, and want to play their background card. “We have to progress to the level of trust,” describes cherbourgeois coach David Laye.

“We were expected to suffer a lot more. In general, the Paris region teams are strong, because the livelihood of the players is even more important. »

David Laye

Dominating for much of the match, the Cherbourgeoises led by their captain Doriane Rémicourt lacked realism. They worked on footwork this week to correct the shooting. “We have created a lot of cases, especially in the first period, but we have proven to be a bit of a mess. There was room to score a lot of goals, in the meantime we would have to have already scored at least 3 or 4. ”

“They get into the game”

Second in Region 1 for the first time in its historythe ASC club vit ce barrage sans pression.

“It’s all new for us. We were not expected to play the dam matches at the beginning of the season. But he gets into the game. The players know each other well, this is why a few years when they play together, we have a strong ossature. We continue our progress, adding a few touches to make the team advance. »

David Laye

If the Ascists win this double confrontation, they will take no more than one march to take to access D2. They will actually face each other Nîmes (7-1 winner on the way to Strasbourg). For this, David Laye can count on the totality of his effectiveness, hoping to be able to support himself. with the support of a large audience. “He was attended by many supporters in Picquenot. I hope they will be present to give us an extra boost, and play their role of 12e homeme. »

De 12e woman in this case.

From our correspondent Julien LERMIER

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