Football. At the Guerlédan International Tournament, the youths play ball on foot

The International Tournament has been on a tight break since 2019, due to the health pandemic. From the parade of 196 teams, no 128 men, the ferry is on tour with new sites to allow all clubs to thrive in good conditions.

In Noyal-Pontivy, the spectators saw prestigious clubs play with the girls at the Madrid Athletics, the title holder, the Marseille Olympics, the Olympic Nîmes and for the boys Paris Saint-Germain, La Corogne, Montpellier you encore Toulon.

Former professional players lead these young people like Ouattara, whose son grew up in Montpellier. Stéphane Guivarc’h, World Cup winner, was also in the party, who wanted to cross the various sites to encourage all the young footballers and U12 to U14 footballers.

The U13s of Noyal-Rohan and Saint-Renan offer to PSG!

On the stages, the matches were followed with groups of very enthusiastic supporters to encourage the young pushers of their clubs. Ilang keep unforgettable images, like the U13 boys of GJ Noyal-Rohan who beat Paris Saint-Germain and finished their game without having to score the least goal. But they did not finish in the first place, and will be content with the Prestige Pool this Sunday, June 12, in the face of new achievements.

The Saint-Renan girls, in U13 as well, also picked up the points from the victory against PSG (1-0), even if the Parisians were not successful, touching several times.

The final phases in Pontivy this Sunday

Other clubs saw their heads animate the day to prove that the Guerlédan International Tournament is also a cultural adventure, inviting and adventurous with the accommodation of children in families.

On the 12th of June, pour the second day, the fête du football sera grandiose ats les pays de Pontivy et Loudéac with the final phases at the Faubourg de Verdun à Pontivy. The site is usually available to the public for National 3 meetings and for this edition, the public should be large.

Among the teams qualified for the tournament, the palm goes to the Madrid Athletics, who have qualified two teams for the prestige pool and the Spanish club are holding the challenge. For the boys, La Corogne and FC Lorient will be present with amateur clubs such as Saintes, GJ Noyal and other clubs.

Vonig Le Duc, head of a site, was happy with this first day on the sites: “ It works well. Everything goes wonderfully. The public responds to the demonstration. »

This Sunday morning, on different sites, place prestige or hope challenges before living the final phases from 11:30 a.m. The finals will be played from 5:30 p.m.

Football. At the Guerlédan International Tournament, the youths play ball on foot

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