Football: all Normandy Cup and English Cup results

Digosville captured Sainte-Croix Saint-Lô in the Coupe de la Manche. (© Alice DESHAYES)

Normandy Cup (quarter final)

Granville «B» (R1)-Caudebec (R2): 4-1

FCEH (R2)-Avranches «B» (N3): 0-1

Saint-Julien (R3)-Ouest Cotentin (R2): 9-0

Canteleu (D4)-Vernon (R2): 1-2

Reserves Cup (quarter final)

Mondeville «B»-Granville «B»: 1-6

Oissel «B»-Pacy-Ménilles «B»: 0-0 (tab 3-4)

Evreux “B”-Le Havre Neiges “B”: 4-1

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Rouen “B”-Alençon “B”: 2-0

English Cup (quarter final)

Pointe Cotentin-Percy: 1-4

Roncey-La Glacerie: 2-1

Querqueville-Saint-Sauveur-Rondehaye: 1-1 (tab 4-1)

Digosville-Sainte-Croix-Saint-Lô: 2-2 (tab 2-4)

English District Cup (quarter final)

Pierreville SG-Berigny: 0-5

Quettetot-Pontorson: 3-0

Amont Quentin-Montebourg: 1-4

Mortain-Cérences: 1-3

English Reserves Cup (quarter final)

Saint-Hilaire Virey «B»-Coutances «C»: 1-0

Granville «C»-FCEH «C»: 2-1

Saint-Pair/Mer «B»-Douve Divette «B»: 0-2

Agneaux «B» – Sourdeval «B» (Sourdeval package)

District Reserves Cup (quarter final)

West Cotentin «C»-Percy «B»: 4-1

Querqueville “C”-Ducey “C”: 2-7

FC de l’Elle “B”-La Glacerie “B”: 6-1

Bricquebec «B»-La Haye-du-Puits «B»: 3-1

Normandy U18 Cup (quarter final)

Lisieux-La Maladrerie: 2-2 (tab 10-9)

Rouen-Quevilly RM: 6-3

Saint-Lô-Deville: 3-2

Gonfreville-Saint-Sébastien: 5-0

U18 Sunday Cup (semi-finals)

Pointe Cotentin-Tessy-Moyon: 4-2

FC Sienne-Saint-Martin-Saint-Jean: 4-2

Normandy U15 Cup (quarter final)

Le Havre-Saint-Lô: 6-2

Alençon-Rouen: 1-5

Avranches-Dieppe: 3-0

Wednesday: 15:00: Quevilly RM – La Maladrerie

U15 Sunday Cup (semi-finals)

Périers-Tessy-Moyon: 0-8

Montebourg-Bréhal: 0-2

Normandy Women’s Cup (quarter final)

AG Caen-Pavilly: 6-0

Villers-Bocage-Neubourg: 0-3

Rouen-Alençon: 0-1

Quevilly RM-FC Féminin Rouen: 1-1 (tab 6-7)

Normandy U18 Women’s Cup (semi-finals)

Avranches-SM Caen: 0-12

Quevilly RM-Le Havre: 0-11

Normandy U16 Women’s Cup (semi-finals)

Cherbourg-SM Caen: 2-6

AG Caen-Quevilly RM: 1-0

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