Foix. Success of the Ariège Table Tennis Super Cup

the essential
PPC Foix is ​​encore on haut de l’affiche for cette edition 2022 of the Ariège super coupe, formula coupe Davis.

This Ariège super cup will become a table tennis classic, by its original formula, allowing all clubs who wish to engage one or more teams that tend to balance the opposition and slow down the competition slowly for all. .

ATTPO clubs, La Tour-du-Crieu, Saint-Girons, Foix, and Pamiers were represented. Three tables had to be formed, by adding points to the ranking of each player (each team has two partners). Table A 3,000 pts maximum (this is the highest level authorized by this rule, without any team committed), table B, 2200 pts, table C 1300 pts.

In table B, Fuxéens Léandre Jacquet and Clément Latorre prevailed against Critouriens, Jean-Marc Baurès and Nadir De Kaey at the end of a good match. Table C included “sang et or”, Georges de Oliveira and Hérinirina Rabéarivony who took 4th place. Excellent performance for players who are not particularly trained at this end of the season. Still in the same table Robin de Oliveira and Loic Ferriol (the youngest in the competition) are climbing on the 2nd march of the podium. The other Fuxican team Yann Rétoré and Nathan Moreau leaned against future winners Fabien Puysségur Yannick Lamotte in the quarter -finals.

Competition refereed by Fuxéen, Cédric Torres. The rewards were presented by the president of the Ariège departmental committee, Jean-Marc Baurès.

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