First trade confirmed to both teams, the Nuggets involved!

The offseason finally debuts for the NBA, well before the end of the playoffs. Indeed, we have just learned that a first trade has just taken place this Monday in the NBA, between the Nuggets and the Thunder more precisely. A well -processed exchange, but also confirmation that Denver wants to better surround Nikola Jokic. Explanations.

The free agent market is not open, just like the draft that has not yet taken place and yet, serious things are starting in the NBA. This is, a leading trade just seen today, between the Nuggets and the Thunder more precisely. A franchise that looks at the title on one side, a team that plays the reconstruction of the other: this is not just the debut.

Finally the action on the side of the West Conference!

In this exchange? A lone player, in the person of JaMychal Green, who will leave Colorado to join the young Oklahoma City franchise. Will it be reserved to bring some experience, or will it be cut to allow him to play the title? It will be discovered very quickly. For the Nuggets on the other hand, it may be a willingness to be aggressive this season, in order to give Nikola Jokic the means to aim for the title.

Denver envoys JaMychal Green and the main tour protégé in 2027 to Oklahoma City with a selected number 30 in the draft on the venir and deux seconds on the draft tour. Les Nuggets didn’t care about choix 21 and 30 for the draft, and Thunder at 2, 12 and 34.

Green will be on contract for another year, but it is impossible to know the Thunder and the intention to keep it. The franchise is primarily for young people, but we know how important it is to have veterans to guide them. In addition, you have the new talent prospect to re-join the franchise for a draft, the series cruciale experience and roster, and which will remain in Denver.

Pour the Jokic franchise, these options can be utilized in a potential trade, depending on the strategy of the front office. It would in any case be surprising to see the Nuggets inactive in the coming weeks.

Green is expected to activate its 8.2 million player option for the 2022/23 season. The deal gives the Nuggets the flexibility to use their mid -level exception of 6.4 million, or a trade exception equivalent to 8.2 million this offseason. Les Nuggets devraient taxpayers. The Thunder has approximately 31 million in space, which will serve to absorb Green’s contract.

A first trade sees the day, and it will definitely not be the last for this offseason. The Thunder continue to accumulate picks, while the Nuggets organize to get into action in the coming weeks. Be prepared, the action just starts.

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