Finals at convivialité o Tennis Club de Moëlan-Moëlan-sur-Mer

On the 11th of June, the Tennius club of Moëlan-sur-Mer (TCM) and celebrated the Fête du tennis pour clôturer la saison sportive. On this occasion, the finals of the friendly tournament between Moëlan and Mellac took place. Jean-Michel Olaondo, de Moëlan, a young Philippe Hingant, de Mellac, at +60 years. In senior, it was Kévin Nedellec, monitor at Moëlan and Mellac, who beat Gaétan Naour, of Mellac.

This party takes place before the five -day collective training, offered this summer and directed by the two monitors of the club, from July 11 to August 19, in Moëlan and Pouldu.


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