Families play tennis, on the street, with the clubs of the Montluçon Basin (Allier)

Under a scorching heat, “ Street tennis Gathered, under the auspices of tennis department committeeles seven clubs of the montluçonnais basin, yesterday, between 14 hours and 17 hours. On the parking lot of Athanor, some brave people came to attack the manhole.

Marie, 6 years old, hit the ball with all her might in front of her big brother. Leo, 12, was proud to share this moment with her: “I’ve been playing tennis since I was 6 years old. This is to try on my sister! ». A protective hand on the little blonde’s cheek: “Do you really love being here?” Marie shook her head smiling. Angélique Mangolf, their mother, watched them from afar: “We wanted to make sure that Marie really liked that before enrolling as well. I believe it is valid! »

Under a small tent, visitors could power tester de leurs services. Maxime, 4 and a half years old, red like a grapefruit, tried to break his mother’s record. “He doesn’t just run. It makes him try a lot of sports. Gym, circus, tennis It’s a real little kid, ”admires his mother, Alexandra Laville-Wylong.

To be known

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And while Janis, 9, confronted one of the hosts, Fanny Cordier, her mother, took advantage of the opportunity to take the renseignments. On an exhibition grid, each club had prepared a presentation sheet, listing their courses, their equipment at their rates. “It’s practical to have everything in the same place. One can see at a glance what each one offers, which is the closest and the price of licenses. »

Ibuhos Laurence Dumery, president of the IS Montluçon club, of such events are primordial. “We have to discover tennis in its entirety. In a fait plein de petits workshops to discover the technique, test its strength or balance. »On the small short red and blue, the balls and rackets were provided, in different sizes, so that each had a hand in its size: “The goal is to promote the sport pour find licenses. This is the ideal moment! The courses end at the end of the month, so people are aware of it next return. »

He doesn’t just run. It makes him try a lot of sports. Gym, circus, tennis This is a real little listener!

Alexandra Laville-Wylong (Maxime’s mother, 4 and a half years old)

Un project to study also prompted the return of this meeting, held every 3 years in Montluçon, but stopped during the Covid. “His reflection to one structure covered, in Saint-Jean. That would allow all the clubs in the pool to be able to play at bad times, ”said Laurence Dumery. The new location would also allow the practice of Padela sport that oscillates between squash and tennis.

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At around 3pm, little Marie pulled out the lottery winners. The lots went from a small gourd to a racket. “They’re looking for girls, so they motivate,” smiled his mother. The joy of the present blondes has promised a promising future for the bourbon tennis players, who already have it 4,200 licenciés pour 60 clubs sur tout le département.

Delphine Simonneau


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