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(Buffalo) Before becoming one of the most watched actors of his generation, Dwayne Johnson revolutionized professional wrestling with his character The Rock. One of his fetish phrases: « Know your duty and close your mouth. »Free translation: know your role and close it.

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Guillaume Lefrançois

Guillaume Lefrançois
La Presse

Gatineau, Tristan Luneau, and Noah Warren received 50 % of The Rock’s message. Fortunately for us, this is not the second party, without which the interviews would have been broken.

Luneau and Warren are therefore good young men, but most importantly, everyone knows their role.

Result: the two Olympic defenders are part of Quebec’s best hopes in the run -up to the upcoming match. La Centrale de recrutement ng LNH classe Luneau 24e espoir nord-américain, 9 rangs devant Warren, and athlete impression at 6 pi 5 po and 224 lb. In short, they had good chances of being claimed at the first two tours.

The reason why we insist on the importance of knowing its role? The two Ados are right -wing defenders, on the same team. It is impossible, therefore, for them to play in the same duo, or for them to be both in the first wave of digital advantage. When we find out at what point some young people (and their entourage, let’s say) are obsessed with the points and playing time near the breakup, we understand that the situation could have been dangerous.

Unless Luneau and Warren have distinct identities and they are well aware.

Luneau thus finished the season with 43 points (12 goals, 31 assists) in 63 games and was the most productive back of the Gatinois. His statistics could have been superior if he had not been operated on a knee during the last death season.

“The greatest quality has always been my vision and my hockey QI, I guess. Respect a lot of hockey, I study defenders and I like to talk to coaches. »

Warren, lui, accumulated 24 points, dont 5 buts. His greatest pride? Play in the first unit of digital disadvantage. “It’s an honor to do that,” he adds. His models? K’Andre Miller, of the New York Rangers, and Brandon Carlo, of the Boston Bruins. “Two big, good-looking, robust guys who come out of the roundabout well,” he said.


Noah Warren

Luneau in addition.

“The fact that it is also different, it helped,” said the Mauritian [de la Mauricie, pas de l’île Maurice]. As we have different roles, we have pushed each of our boards to get better. Noah is one of the best co -workers I have had. He could have played digital advantage in junior, he has the talent for that, but he knows that it will probably not be his role in the LNH, so he likes to perfect his style and he accepts it. I totally respect that. »

Pour Louis Robitaille, coach-coach and director général des Olympiques, and start the repêchage of the LHJMQ in 2020.

“I understand that to build a winning team, you can’t just have a superhero. Several elements are needed, called Robitaille at the end of the wire. Today’s youth want to have a predefined role before they arrive. My job was to make the Luneau clan and the Warren clan understand what was the seat of each.

“On the day of reckoning, I called Noah and asked him, ‘Who are your forces?’ And he told me, “I’m big, I’m able to defend and I’m going to carry out the attack with my simple game.” That confirmed my choice. In a repêché Tristan au 1eh rang and we advanced to rebuke Noah at 8e rang. »

The cohabitation between the two hopes therefore went well. One could even go so far as to hypothesize that she gave increased visibility to the two youngsters, as well as to their teammate Samuel Savoie (striker, 90e North American Hope) and Antonin Verreault (attacker, 140e).

Only when the time comes to choose which match to attend, some recruiters will prioritize the match allowing them to further their hopes.

Already a model

Noah Warren did not encore the repêché. “The other day, I attended my brother’s match. A guy, a little Black, came to see me to tell me that he liked what I had done with the LHJMQ for Black History Month, ”he tells me, a genius. He is here referring to a video he made with his mother, Magalie Boutin, published last February. Warren assures he has never been at the heart of a racist incident at the LHJMQ, but has previously experienced, notably at the AAA midget, on the part of a teammate He and his teammate Emanuelson Charbonneau were targeted. “It was hard, we had to see the coach and the school principal. At first, we didn’t want to tell, we wanted to get along with the girls. He didn’t walk, they said we were going to talk. He had consequences. »

Hockey or science?

Tristan Luneau, himself, has failed miserably to never play in the LHJMQ since he was committed to the University of Wisconsin Badgers, at NCAA. But he finally opted for Canadian junior hockey. He admits, however, that if a career in hockey had been impossible, he would have opted for the field of sciences, as his father and brother had done. “My father is a chemical engineer in the pasta and paper industry. And my brother is in health biochemistry, in the pharmaceutical field. He talks to me about non -digestive enzymes for insects that can be digested, and that would replace pesticides. It’s big science! He throws up.

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  • 33
    Noah Warren is class 33e among the hopes of North America.

    SOURCE: LNH Recruitment Center

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