#ELLEDécoCrush: the re -edition of Joe Colombo of Gubi’s “Basket” collection

Edited. After decades of out-of-production, Joe Colombo’s mythical “Basket” collection has been launched by the Danish design brand Gubi. Known for its vision and futuristic style, amateurs of this style embodied by the Italian artist see his furniture produced for the first time at the end of the 60’s reappearance. As his work revolves around the use of synthetic materials, this line begins. Pour the reason, it was created at the request of a rattan furniture manufacturer! A trendy item that GUBI especially appreciates. Indeed, last February, the Scandinavian grip unveiled a capsule in collaboration with the archives of Gabriella Crespi.

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In this edition that is thought to be almost contemporary (so the design doesn’t take any rides?), We find the curves that characterize Joe Colombo’s work.

Gubi edits Joe Colombo’s Basket Collection

“The Basket collection gives a new look to traditional materials, taking advantage of an innovative structure that has never been used before for products that are also large and light,” explains Ignazia Favata, former assistant to designer at Col’hui Direct Studio. Made accessible to the general public by Gubi, it consists of a three -seater sofa, a two -seater second and a long chair. These creations are a jewel of design and craftsmanship. The fiberglass structure is now replaced by steel, all too robust and stable but much more environmentally friendly. From hand -woven rattan, an demanding technique, the collection. Finally, the round cousins ​​have these exceptional seats that surround us. The white, beige and blue are comforting parents of this edition by Gubi.

It will be available in September on the Gubi site.

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