E-sport hockey: the Wildcats of the European Vice-Champions Final

On June 13, 2022 by Jordane Rommevaux

The Wildcats of the Finals fail in the final of the European e-sports Cup.

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A little more than a year and a half after its creation, the e-sports section of the Épinal Hockey Club, having come from the Wildcats d’Épinal, has just managed to qualify for the final of the European Cup. Not a small matter for the Spinaliens, who were not demerited in this final, but who are inclined. A charge of revenge next year since the team validates its ticket for the 4the european division.

Just born and already titled or almost. The Wilcats of the Finals are coming to offer a European final, nothing but that! Of course, we’re not talking here about the band at Jan Plch, which has brilliantly picked up its maintenance at D1 and is on the verge of concluding its recruitment for next season.

Let’s talk about the e-sports section of the Epinal hockey club. Indeed, at the urging of two ice hockey enthusiasts, Maximilien Haller and Cyril Dany, the Wildcats had a spectacular season, all the way to the continental final.

In the e-sport section, you will find the “jeu-vidéo” version of l’équipe spinalienne. And over the past few months, the Wildcats’ results have been more than likely since they managed to overtake the best hexagonal formations to qualify for the European Cup.

And, this Sunday, the Spinaliens played this final against the Finns of Turkunummi. A very controversial final since she played only one goal. A goal in favor of the Finns, since the encounter ended on a halt (5-4).

The victory was very close and played on details. Despite this reversal in the final, the Spinaliens won the right to evolve in the Core division next year, either the 4th.e european division, nothing but that. So a matter to follow!

Tara and the Wildcats !!!

The finale to be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1501859965?t=1h49m1s

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