Draymond Green’s explanation is that Boris Diaw is an offensive model

At the presentation of his MVP 2022 trophy, Nikola Jokic explained that one of his models was… Boris Diaw |. It has to be said that the physics, the intelligence of the game and the creativity of the French fit perfectly into the game of the double MVP. Sunday, after the Warriors training, it is Draymond Green who paid tribute to our national Babac!

In six responses, on our microphone, Nicolas Batum had stated: « Boris in the Phoenix era was the same type of player. Green is more aggressive from time to time with shots and he defends a little more I think but Boris was that. In fact, Boris 2.0. »

Starting Sunday, a journalist’s question on the Warriors’ progress on the collective level, and on Draymond Green’s progress on the individual level since his arrival in the NBA, on the fact that he stands out as one of the best defenders in the NBA, at least on his models in the game.

On the collective level, not surprisingly, he echoes the Spurs even if this comparison is nuanced.

“I think for us as a team, there was no specific model” he is specific. “I think if we are looking for a team that can make us compare more tough or try to model us, they are the San Antonio Spurs, but they are completely different in the way they process. Don’t think about direct comparisons, and what you can give you to change the NBA and change a time. I think it was in large part due to the style of basketball that we had practiced and with that we had success. »

“I studied Boris Diaw a lot early in my career”

On the individual level, he recognizes influences, and he begins with the attack.

“I observed a bunch of different guys and what they were doing and in the end, I realized that there weren’t any guys in particular that resonated with me, and that I wanted to try to create a path. unpublished for other players in this league. I think I did a good job instead. There were definitely guys with whom I took things, and in the course of my career, I continued to watch and try to get things done from these guys. Personally, I studied Boris Diaw a lot early in my career and the way in which he moved the ball, his way of using the “hand-to-hand” and, more than a specific gesture, his way of perturing the ‘Adversaire, it’s weird pour moi. »

On the defensive side, we find one of the best defenders and rebounders in history, passing through Detroit, Chicago and San Antonio.

“On the defense side, I tried to take on a lot of guys. An incorporer essay was certainly chosen by Dennis Rodman to pour success, corn aussi Kurt Thomas and Chuck Hayes. They were small in size, but in their way of defending under the circle, they are two of the best post defenders in their size that I have ever seen. You cannot repel one or the other of these players. I tried to add this to my balloon side, but in the end, I realized that I didn’t want to be the exact copy of anyone. »

Pour Draymond Green, the most important thing in avoiding a model, from devenir.

“I wanted to come to the stage where people are asking who will be the next Draymond, and not to the stage to know if Draymond can be like this player. This is not what I wanted. I don’t think there would be a path for me to success, to try to copy someone else. I thought my path to success would be based on what I could bring, and if there was anything I could recall in our situation. So that was the most important thing for me. »

Draymond Green Pouring Rebounds
Season Tools MJ Min Tirs 3pts LF Off Def Tot Pd Fte Int Mr. Ct Pts
2012-13 GOS 79 13 32.7 20.9 81.8 0.7 2.6 3.3 0.7 2.0 0.5 0.7 0.3 2.9
2013-14 GOS 82 22 40.7 33.3 66.7 1.1 3.9 5.0 1.9 2.8 1.2 1.1 0.9 6.2
2014-15 GOS 79 32 44.3 33.7 66.0 1.4 6.8 8.2 3.7 3.2 1.6 1.7 1.3 11.7
2015-16 GOS 81 35 49.0 38.8 69.6 1.7 7.8 9.5 7.4 3.0 1.5 3.2 1.4 14.0
2016-17 GOS 76 33 41.8 30.8 70.9 1.3 6.6 7.9 7.0 2.9 2.0 2.4 1.4 10.2
2017-18 GOS 70 33 45.4 30.1 77.5 1.1 6.6 7.6 7.3 2.6 1.4 2.9 1.3 11.0
2018-19 GOS 66 31 44.5 28.5 69.2 0.9 6.4 7.3 6.9 3.0 1.4 2.6 1.1 7.4
2019-20 GOS 43 28 38.9 27.9 75.9 0.5 5.7 6.2 6.2 2.6 1.4 2.3 0.8 8.0
2020-21 GOS 63 32 44.7 27.0 79.5 0.9 6.3 7.1 8.9 3.1 1.7 3.0 0.8 7.1
2021-22 GOS 46 29 52.5 29.6 65.9 1.0 6.3 7.3 7.0 3.0 1.3 3.0 1.1 7.5
Total 685 29 44.1 31.5 71.2 1.1 5.8 6.9 5.5 2.8 1.4 2.2 1.0 8.7

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