Draymond Green, the NBA guitarist

Draymond Green is always a trick to say, or rather to shout. On social media like on a parquet, his phrases sound like an exclamation. “He talks to everyone who comes, referees, opponents, partners, spectatorssupports Ian Mahinmi, who has long practiced in NBA rackets. It is widely appreciated but it does not stop him from earning, as a player, an immense respect in the league. » This is how the hostility of adversary rooms must be considered at least in its handling.

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In games 3 and 4 of this complicated finale for Golden State (2-2), Boston fans covered it with inspiring. “I love whistles”, he prefers to retort. In Game 2, he had polished the attention, the debate revolving around his non-exclusion after a clash with Jaylen Brown, the other Celtics star along with Jayson Tatum.

When his team is in trouble, he sets the tone. Sa façon

“Some in particular at home played with him for Team USA at the JO, they know him well, falls behind Ime Udoka, coach of the C’s. When his team is in trouble, he sets the tone. Sa façon. » In general defense, big mouth, big heart. With its standard size (1.98 meters), its long legs, its beaked shoulders and especially its ballistic hands, Green can defend in all positions. All while making a fair sense of the pass (Friday 8th at the Warriors ’107-97 victory). Indispensable praise, depuis plus d’une décennie, by Stephen Curry et Klay Thompson, along with Splash Brothers with marque des succès guidelines (three titles between 2015 and 2018).

Contrat de consultant is unique

His expression, he extended the opportunity with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal on the TNT channel, who signed him to a pluriannual consulting contract. Unique favor for an active player. This is the child’s most important podcast, the Draymond Green Show, the reason why. He breaks down the matches as much as he shows his point of view on the NBA circus, questioning for example the All-Star Game voting mode, a rendezvous that he knows well (4 selections). After the performance “merdique” in match 3, his activity returned to the teeth, in the hope that he would scatter. Of course, it didn’t rain on him and he did it.

His preferred target remains Rudy Gobert, another point defender, whom he takes at regular intervals. After a new salute in February, the French pivot had swept: “It’s not just noise. » A bit of frustration too.

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