Donzac: Garonne Tennis, a club ats la compétition

For a few weeks now, Garonne Tennis and its players have been proving a resilience for the winning competitions. Back to the local palms of the “fans” of the yellow ball.
And the focus is on the side of the women’s team that is the departmental champion. As part of the Women’s Rockets Championship of the French Tennis Federation, it is well and good that the women’s team qualifies to advance to the regional stage by beating the teams of Léojac, Saint-Etienne-de-T respectively. and Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Congratulations to Cécile Loridan, team captain, Cécile Bouchard and Gaëlle Combres. The regional phase will take place in Balma soon.

Young people are illustrated

As for the young people, they illustrated themselves through the Mozaïc tournament sponsored by the Agricultural Credit. A Galaxy October 8 green ball was thus organized by the club which brought together twelve children from clubs in Montauban, Beaumont-de-Lomagne, Léojac, Valence-d’Agen, Auch, Condom, Tarbes, Caudecoste, Colayrac and Le Passage-d’Agen. A tournament that went well with good finishes.
Main table, winner: Jude Bordessoules (Colayrac). Finalist: Gabriel Papelorey (Condom). Consolation table won by Antxon Usandizaga (Léojac) who beat Mathilde Ramis (Caudecoste). However, all the children were compensated by the endowment offered by the Agricultural Credit.
Another youth tournament taking part in this circuit was also organized around an October 8 Galaxy Orange Ball. A day that brought together seven children from clubs in Montauban, Montbeton, Lavilledieu-du-Temple, Grandfonds, Valence-d’Agen and, of course, Donzac. Despite the inclement weather, the day was pleasant for the participants. Winner: Timéo Muzard (Grandfonds). Finalist: Aaron Foreman (Valence-d’Agen). Winner of the small final: Selma Bennani (Montauban). Finalist: Nolan Cakir (Montbeton).
Travel days are also possible thanks to the large number of coaches, club educators, members of the Garonne Tennis bureau, referees but also the parents and grandparents who accompanied the young tennis players.

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