Donnarumma clashes with a supporter who insults him

Gianluigi Donnarumma was taken in by a supporter at the end of the match between England and Italy (1-1) on Saturday. And the PSG player did not appreciate the remarks.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (23) experienced an after-match movement on Saturday following the clash between England and Italy (1-1) in the League of Nations. Several people were massaged at the exit of Wolverhampton Stadium to accompany the exit of the Italian players from the venue to their cars. One of them uttered insulting words in Italian in the direction of the National Guard. And the latter is not all appreciated.

A “nonsense”

He turned to the man wearing an AC Milan jersey by shooting a black eye before inviting him vertically to get caught in a barely audible exchange. The “supporter” in question allegedly apostrophed several other players before the Parisian who did not want to let the injuries pass by stopping, and then leading to the troublemaker. He was quickly invited to join the vehicle by security members describing this brief episode as “nonsense”.

This is not the first time Donnarumma has been played by Milanese fans. Last October, he had been whipped by a San Siro side in the League of Nations semi-finals losing to Spain. Lombard fans still accuse him of leaving AC Milan in the summer of 2021 after being refused to extend his contract. I had joined the free PSG.

Donnarumma has played the last two meetings against Hungary (2-1) and England (0-0) with a finger injury. He was also named captain by selector Roberto Mancini for those two matches.

“It was an indescribable emotion to wear the captain’s bracelet, there were no words, he had confessed last week after the zero in Hungary. My finger injury? For this jersey, one can even play I have to thank the medical coaching that helped me the best because it was two days before it was unthinkable to play. With their will and help, I managed to get on the field. I will play so much. that it is possible. “

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