Discover the kit to play volleyball at your pool for less than 39 €

In a few days, it will be officially summer, but the sun is not expected to shine and make the temperatures grim. For your convenience, you have chosen to install an outdoor pool in your garden. And if you complete your equipment? On the ManoMano site, discover the game of volleyball placed on the pool. Thanks to him, you can not only enjoy the freshness of the pool but also long hours of play and happiness.

A game of volleyball for a perfectly equipped pool at ManoMano

Do you like volleyball? This summer, the parties will take place in the pool. Indeed, thanks to ManoMano, your outdoor pool becomes a playground to spend good time with family or friends. Le Jeu de volley-ball pour piscine hors sol de la marque Summer Waves with dimensions equivalent to: 88 x 600 x 2.5 cm. Rest assured, even if your pool is smaller, the net is perfectly adjustable. The balloon is made up. This equipment installs very easily. The Summer Waves volleyball game for outdoor swimming offers a pix of € 38.24 or in exchange for € 44.99, or a 15%discount.

ManoMano, a must -have site to get ready for the summer

ManoMano is an online shopping site that reserves you a lot of surprises. The one called MonEchelle has existed since 2012. The French company offers a large number of references across these different universes. The Garden is one of them. It consists of all the equipment for your exterior and at a reduced price. Like the game of volleyball, many references make promotional offers very interesting to equip without being ruined.

By ordering on ManoMano, you benefit from free delivery, free return within 14 days, the return of your old furniture and a guarantee. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the heat and warmth. In addition, if you download the application, you will receive an additional discount of 10 € on your first order.

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