Directly. Table tennis. Caen TTC, beaten by La Romagne, failed in its quest for the title

Antoine Hachard is back on the wall. (© AC / Sport à Caen)

Two matches won and it will be the title! Caen TTC needs to score two points against Romagne this Tuesday night to secure the first French championship title in its history. Follow the evolution of the encounter directly.

HACHARD 1-3 CHEN (9-11)

Antoine saves three game balls but loses the fourth. Caen n’est pas champion of Pro A.

HACHARD 1-2 CHEN (6-9)

Caen on the brink of failure…

HACHARD 1-2 CHEN (5-7)

With a maximum of success, Antoine Hachard goes back to 5-6 but his opponent does not leave much.

HACHARD 1-2 CHEN (3-4)

Chen attacked hard with a 3-0 entry. Antoine Hachard remains very focused, he returns.

HACHARD 1-2 CHEN (13-11)

The second set ball is good for Antoine Hachard! Caen is still alive and even in two sets of a title. But the advantage remains for Rome.

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HACHARD 0-2 CHEN (8-7)

Chen revient and Antoine Hachard requested temporary death. There is already a breath in the air…

HACHARD 0-2 CHEN (7-4)

Antoine Hachard is back to the wall, he is offensive at the start of the set and benefits from a few small opponent errors.

HACHARD 0-2 CHEN (8-11)

Antoine Hachard’s last two reversals end in the net. Rome is on the verge of victory. Caen would then end up second in Pro A. He had to win this match to become champion.

HACHARD 0-1 CHEN (4-7)

Complicated second -half debut for Antoine Hachard, who overcame the bar but who still managed…

HACHARD 0-1 CHEN (13-15)

VAR! What is happening here is quite unbelievable. Chen won the first set but already had a refereeing error in favor of the Caninees at 12-12. There is context and the images are visible. They give reason to Caen but Antoine Hachard loses both points.

HACHARD 0-0 CHEN (9-10)

Big fight between the two players. Antoine Hachard had a sacred piece in front of him.

OUAICHE 3-2 RUIZ (11-9)

Superbe! Stéphane Ouaiche makes a few striking shots at the best moment to catch up with this beauty to sign the first point in favor of Caen. Romania is now 2-1. Caen still needs a victory to be champion of France!

OUAICHE 2-2 RUIZ (8-9)

Great tension and great ambiance at this beautiful Caen must win at any price!

OUAICHE 2-2 RUIZ (1-4)

Stéphane Ouaiche takes a dead time. Ruiz played very well but the Caennais were already too much.

OUAICHE 2-2 RUIZ (6-11)

Romania are now on a 3-0 win streak that would condemn Caen to second place. Everything is going to be played with beauty.

OUAICHE 2-1 RUIZ (4-9)

Attention danger sur Caen! Stéphane seems to be coming out of his match …

OUAICHE 2-1 RUIZ (4-11)

Romain Ruiz returns to the match! The two men deliver beautiful exchanges to the public, but Ruiz is recovering.

OUAICHE 2-0 RUIZ (2-7)

It was hoped that Romagne would line up its number 4, Brice Olivier, for the fourth match (or for his jubilee, as he ended his career after this last meeting) but it was Chen who went to heat up. He will play against Antoine Hachard, if Stéphane Ouaiche delays this third match. The third set completely escapes the Caennais for the time being…

OUAICHE 2-0 RUIZ (11-4)

Stéphane Ouaiche is an impression on Romain Ruiz. It is on the train de relancer of Caen TTC.

OUAICHE 1-0 RUIZ (11-9)

The very first occasion was the best opportunity for Stéphane Ouaiche, who is currently responding in this match debut!

OUAICHE 0-0 RUIZ (8-7)

Ruiz will close the game but Ouaiche remains very focused.

OUAICHE 0-0 RUIZ (6-3)

Good match debut by Stéphane Ouaiche, aggressive.


The two players approach the table while the 1,200 spectators are slowly joining their seats. Angers won 3-0 so Caen had no choice: he would have to win two matches to become champion!

The troisième match against Stéphane Ouaiche with Romain Ruiz was paused. The Caennais will be going to be a favorite. You can regret the initial defeat of Antoine Hachard who led 2 sets to 0 with two balls and the fourth set… There was no photo in retaliation between Stoyanov and Chen.


Niagol Stoyanov can do nothing against a very performing Chen… and has not denied a bit of success. The Italians are stubborn and cannot resist a strong enough resistance. Caen is back to the wall: a defeat by Stéphane Ouaiche in the next match and the title will take advantage of Angers.

STOYANOV 1-2 CHEN (9-11)

Chen takes advantage of this match.


The points unfold very quickly with these two offensive players. It’s Chen who gives the time…

STOYANOV 1-1 CHEN (9-11)

When he went back to 9-9, Stoyanov lost the second round. Meanwhile, Angers is 2-0. Caen had no choice, he would have to win at least one match, certainly two to be champion!


A lot of faults on the side of Stoyanov… Chen and mené 5-1 to 6-2 from Niagol s’accroche and these exchanges very short.


First hand quickly stamped by Niagol Stoyanov.

The second match will pit Niagol Stoyanov against Tian Yuan Chen. The two players end their warm -up.

Thank you for the match programs that also serve to win.  It must be incredibly hot ...
Thank you for the match programs that also serve to win. It must be incredibly hot … (© AC / Sport à Caen)


Big disappointment for Antoine Hachard, who went beautiful after having led two sets to zero. Romania marks the first point of this match after 1:15 p.m. It promises a long evening (hopefully the temperature will drop!).


Alamian has greatly raised his level of play. He doesn’t let go of a point…


We finally have an idea of ​​why the inhabitants of the south of France live at a low level. Match programs were occasionally recycled. Antoine crashes after a set start to the advantage of his opponent.


There was just one chance for Alamian to come back in this match, while Antoine Hachard missed two set balls. This first match will be beautiful!


Antoine wins a great point to launch in this fourth set.


It was even more complicated for Antoine, who led 8-4 in the fourth quarter. He can count on the support of the public in this first match that lasts!


Start of fourth round balanced (3-3). The match was broadcast live on France TV Sport. You can follow it here.


Lots of mistakes were committed by the Caennais in the third set of the first match. Alamian wins it quite easily. It is extremely hot in the room, hands are wet!


After a second set, Antoine Hachard took the break. He wins this second round 21-19.

The first set had been a roundabout from the Caennais side, in front without trembling in the heat of a bonded Halle Saint-Jean-Eudes.

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