“Difficult times have saddened the group”

Forty minutes : it’s time to separate theADA Block of a climb in Betclic ELITE. Victorieux of the first round, Wednesday (86-66), the Blésois would like to end the series from this Saturday (17 h), at the Azur Arena. They managed to beat the Azureans defensively, while still having to do everything before the last period (64-60, 30 ‘). « Beams are able to make the difference on 2, 3 minutes and contest the match Sharks coach Daniel Goethals explained after Game 1.ADA Blois, with the example at the head of his full-time return match to Vichy-Clermont in the semi-finals (-30, 47-77) , refuses to inflame and rejects any form of pressure.

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Before the return match, Timothé Vergiat is back in the first round won byADA Blois but also in the more complicated moments in the heart of the winter. Interviews.

Smiles and joy in the blue dress, after the first victory of the ADA against Antibes.
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

With your win in the match going, you are at 40 minutes of montée at Betclic ÉLITE. In what state of mind you are ?

Sa is forcibly content because this first match was very important but the climb is still utopian, he remains the hardest to do. We will go to Antibes without too much pressure : we have everything to win. We had to increase our intensity in the fur and size of the match and we stopped them in the last quarter. Defensively, it is still well in place and on arrival to impose our style of play on the return of dressers, especially at home. When it comes to being constant over 40 minutes, it’s complicated to follow our rhythm.

You often climb in power at the back of the dressers. Magkomento l’expliquez-vous ?

I can’t really tell you why. In my first season, we are always in the match but we never get away with it. In the 2nd period, one rises physically and in intensity. That’s where some teams would do the opposite.

« On is rarely head to head at break »

It is often found at -10, -15 in early mi -time. We are not supposed to make up for our delay in difficult times but since we are better, we come. But it is true that we are rarely headed at the break … apart from the return match in Vichy, we have always been barefoot even ahead of the Playoffs.

In my early days, we weren’t really good. He loses a lot of balls, he dominates the offensive bounces and we are not « que »To 3 points (37-40). So if we came to correct the shot… We had scored 40 points in the first half so we knew where we had to put the accent in the 2nd half.

Alexis Tanghe was the detonator at the back of the clothing store…

Alexis was part of that renovation in the first half of my time. He was driven by mistakes and when he came back in the second period, he really provided his defensive endurance and a few baskets. With his energy, he helped the team to recover. This is a bit of the strength of our team : lots of players can bring.

« Offensively, we were completely on the street »

In the heart of the winter, theADA Blois saw the maintenance and is today at 40 minutes of montée at Betclic ÉLTE. Comment expliquez-vous cette métamorphose ?

It’s complicated to explain. If we were told that we would be in a climbing match today, no one would believe it. It was really hard. Offensively, we were completely on the street : sa marquait 60 points per match. In addition to the failures that followed it was the game that was proposed that was not good. In Pro B, there is as much question of dynamics, negatives as positives, and we have managed to get out. Sa isang pris de la confiance, sa isang commencé à digérer le système du coach qui met du temps à se mettre en place. It was known that we had a chance to play in the Playoffs, once the qualification was acquired. As part of SLUC Nancy which was above this season, the level of the other teams was globally homogeneous.

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Why did you take the time to integrate Mickaël Hay’s defensive system ?

Because these are placements that are not forced naturally in the beginning, because it is a way of playing that requires a lot of sharing balloons. Because there were no bad new players and injuries : Mbaye (Ndiaye) has been arrested, Anthony Racine has arrived. Tyren Johnson is blessed, Jamar Abrams the income… The parties, the earners do not help to avoid a certain stability.

itw-timothe-vergiat-blois-avant-le-match-2-des-finales-contre-antibes ----- les-moments-difficiles-ont-soude-le-groupe-1654925741.jpegIn the image of his team, Timothé Vergiat experienced the first part of a difficult season before moving up the course in 2022.
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

Comment if you have experienced these difficult times ?

It was difficult. It wasn’t nice to see. Despite failures, we did not make bridesmaids. But the advantage of Blois is that it has a lot of stability. The same coach, the same GM, the same president for a few years … I sincerely think that would have been amazing if it had been produced in another club. Every time we were back to the wall, we had to win matches, be it in the Playoffs or in December / January, when we absolutely had to win matches at home. These difficult times saddened the group.

And there was a clue ?

Oui, the main fight in 2022, with Nancy (none at 85-59, on 11 January). We come back from sleep and it is said that now we have to wake up. Unless one takes 40 and one is lamentable. I remember having discussions at the hotel with the guys until recently. And après, in a commencé à regagner.

“No pressure but the adrenaline »

The return of Mbaye Ndiaye’s injury also coincides with your rise to power …

Yes ! Athletically, he is a monster. He greatly contributed to the defensive team. When he came back from injury, things didn’t change, he re -balanced the team. When he is in intensity and he is focused, it is a player who can change a match. He is capable of doing spectacular actions but in disguise, he brings something. He has nothing more to do in Pro B : he could do the same higher. He has to get to stabilize his shot and on Wednesday, he puts in two and it changes everything.

How to judge your season withADA Blois ?

Rather good in the 2nd half of the season so at first it was a bit complicated. He had to adapt the coaching system. And if it could end on a climb, it would be great. It’s true that I was very good in the support match against Vichy in the semi-finals (23 points for his 24 evaluations). It was a match that really counted doubles. The misunderstanding from the demi-finals of NM1 et à chaque fois, on avait perdu la belle. I’m not saying that’s the reason that explains my performance but yes, it was probably one of my best matches this year.

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Thomas Corney made two mistakes quickly, so I got back into the game early and I knew I would have to take on more responsibilities. I feel good : there was energy, it ran, we made stops, I had good shooting spots. When we start to put one or two, we see the circle a little bigger.

In what area have you progressed this season ?

She is hard on this question (she thinks). I progressed defensively : different placements, another way to see the defense. Physically, I worked well. I didn’t do my best addressing season but it was probably the one where I shot the most in training.

If near the goal and after the episodes in 2018 et al 2020 whereADA Blois was supposed to be in Pro B, and there is some form of pressure ?

From where we come this year, we cannot allow ourselves to be under pressure. But of the adrenaline, yes. His is close to the goal : we always took the matches one after the other. He could have jumped out of the first round : in a quarter and a half, one must go looking for a beautiful one. Each time, it doesn’t work out much.

itw-timothe-vergiat-blois-avant-le-match-2-des-finales-contre-antibes ----- les-moments-difficiles-ont-soude-le-groupe-1654925768.jpegHabitat at the top of the Pro B table, at Jeu de Paume would have a tasteful maintenance at the Betclic ELITE.
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

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