Decazeville. A day dedicated to the Sporting Youth Club

Sporting’s youth pole is undergoing a restructuring as the meetings follow for the next set up with different partners that are the Future Villefranchois, Sporting at the RBOA – CCAC school of rugby.

To kick off the season, the youth pole will open its doors to all cadets, juniors and minors, boys and girls, licensed or not, on Saturday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at Camille-Guibert Stadium. On the menu of the day, the morning will be dedicated to rugby followed by a meal offered to all the youth at the club house. The afternoon will be spent with fun games. This day is open to young people in 2004 and 2008.

Parents are also served without lunch replaced by an aperitif during which they will be exposed to the operation of the pole. Any questions you ask will have their answers directly.

Thanks to the work done by Germain Portéro of the RBOA – CCAC Rugby School and that of Baptiste Gladin of the Future Villefranchois, a cadet team will be registered on behalf of Sporting and a Villefranche targeted team will be established. The juniors for themselves will be gathering with the future Villefranchois under the RCOA (West Aveyron Rugby Center) acronym in place for the 4th year. Today, Sporting coaches Anthony Julian and Tim Bowker will take part in his rugby session.

Additional information from Yves Cazol at 06 81 17 28 98.

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