death of Galloic legend Phil Bennett

The half -opening of the Great Chelems 1976 and 1978 died this Sunday at the age of 73.

That, along with the son of Prédécesseur at the opening of the XV du Poireau, Barry John, half -breed Gareth Edwards and the late JPR Williams, one of the four legends of Welsh rugby. Phil Bennett was included in 29 selections from 1969 to 1978, signing with the Grands Chelems, in 1976 and 1978, with the payment of Wales.

He won his title streak at the 1973 Tournament, with the retirement of Barry John, and formed a memorable charniere with Gareth Edwards, who led the Welsh to the Grand Chelem in 1976. The following year, Bennett marks the history of rugby a pre-match causation addressed to his teammates before receiving the English at Arms Park. «Look at what these bastions did in Wales. They stole our coal, our water, our steel. They buy our houses and live only fifteen days a year. What did they give us? Absolutely nothing. We are exploited, raped, dominated and punished by the English, and these are the ones you will face this afternoonHe throws himself into the robe. That day, the Welsh will import it 14-9 …

His performances under the Lions jersey also did a lot for his fame. In 1974, he was on the sling during the British Lions’ victorious tour of South Africa. He played four test matches and scored 26 points. In addition, Phil Bennett has joined in these times and in history with one exception in the action.

He releases a ball recovered 10 meters from his line for a test signed by Gareth Edwards after just two minutes of play against New Zealand. In 2005, Phil Bennett was inducted into the Rugby mondial Hall of Fame.

Not a few kilometers from Llanelli, Phil Bennett had spent his entire career under the Scarlets jersey, playing 413 matches for more than 2,500 record points.

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