David Wagner, “a stratospheric palm” awaited at the Ré Island International Open

He could find on his way the No. 2 head of the series, his compatriot Bryan Barten (8th world), or the Brazilian Leandro Pena (13th). Because the quad category attracts the stars of the world circuit: Australian Dylan Alcott, world number 1, had won the Open last year before ending his career after winning his gold medal at the Tokyo Games.

A male table was taken

In simple homes, the table is ranked with three players ranked in the top 10 in the world – the Dutchman Tom Egberink (7th), the Frenchman Nicolas Peifer (9th) and the Spanish Martin de la Puente (10th), respectively, heads of Series 1 , 2 and 3 – and players evolving between 15th and 30th place like Japanese Takuya Miki (13th). Also followed: a guest player, the Frenchman Olivier Langlois (192nd), a former valid player of the 2nd series and a new player in chair tennis for a year, who has important evolutionary potential according to Yann Maître.

On the women’s side, the struggle is open. Even if the Chinese Zhenzhen Zhu (10th), head of the No. 1 series, is a big favorite, the Frenchman Pauline Déroulède (20th) and the German Katharina Kruger (15th), six times crowned on the Island of Ré , comptent bien bousculer la hierarchie.

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