Daphné Debiesse Tixier and Charline Guinand are the first recruits

The women’s ALL Jura Basketball staff has been busy since the end of the championship to find consistent profiles to garner their group. Unsurprisingly, the first recruit comes from Chenôve and her name is Charline Guinand. President Sébastien Anceau, in an interview given at Progrès mi-mai, praised the qualities of its new interior, born in 1988.

“She is a girl from the region who is a fighter, a defensive captain in the teams where she has played. She also has the double helmet to be a basketball player and wife of Patrick Ndepe (new ALL coach, ed.). A good boost in the racket.

Debiesse Tixier, a pocket manager

The second recruit is Daphné Debiesse Tixier (1.58 m, 23 years old) who will take charge of post 1 alongside Caroline Buchet. After debuts at BB Revermont at the age of 8, this pocket manager continues his basketball course at CTC JL Viriat. She then joined Charnay-lès-Mâcon before returning to Bourg in Nationale 3.

“He is a player who has been performing for several years in Bourg-en-Bresse. Patrick (Ndepe) already had an egg on her when she was in Chenôve. She finished her studies and was very eager to play in Nationale 2, ”developed Florent Milianti, general manager of ALL Jura Basket.

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