Damien Chouly (USAP), before the access barrier against Mont-de-Marsan: “Stay alive”

After the convincing victory against UB (22-15) and the heavy reversal of the Montois Stadium in the final (20-49), does your dynamic seem more favorable to you?
It’s a double whammy. On the one hand, we are left with a good victory against Bordeaux, but we need to quickly question ourselves and not just surf on this success. And on the contrary, Mont-de-Marsan had a little left against the Bayonnais. So they will be doubly remodeled and want to show the beautiful face that they have displayed throughout the regular season. On both sides, he will fail to approach this match with maximum attention, and not focus too much on the last encounter played. For us, it’s a bit complicated, as it will be our first close match of the season.


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