Croatia: Should he start clapping cheeks after this new Blues failure?

At the Stade de France,

One did not think that one day there would be a day to say that (and promise it is the first and the last), but thanks to those and those who voted to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and therefore for push the expiration of five months and tires. Because looking at the current form of this group, even though the outcome offered us a shot more than clingy in the chicken phase, it is not certain that we would have seen the tail of an eighth final this summer.

Beaten for the first time in its history by Croatia, on Monday, the French team ended this Nations League campaign with a donkey’s bonnet on their head and a zero point in the notebook. Unable to win at least one match in four outings, the Bleus are the last of their group and the Outsiders are already certain not to see the color of the League Final Four. Again, you tell us, it should be handed over quickly.

If you look, it is, it is remis!

Hindi, what awaits us a little more, is that the World Cup is (almost) tomorrow and that the Bleus have not given the sensation of having advanced by an iota since the last rally. After giving up his system to three behind in the standings due to the inaugural defeat against Denmark and testing a 4-4-2 flat in Croatia (1-1) and in Austria (1-1), Didier Deschamps opted on Monday night for a 4-3-3 that the Bleus have not practiced since the start of the World Cup in Russia, with the result only known. In the first period, the French delivered an indigenous performance and it was not until the moment they passed with two points that they slightly dimmed the light. And again

Advanced players, absent cadres, difficult to draw a real balance

At a press conference, “DD” did not seek to escape, speaking of the need for a “remand” of the whole group at the next rally. But for him, it is impossible not to speak of the general fatigue of his troops. “The energy is so high in the opponent and that makes it hard to fight. He certainly didn’t have the means on this match. Taking a penalty goal early on, puts them in comfort and us in difficulty. But it is in the image of this gathering, where organizations are highly sought after. In a lack of strength, of energy, of character. It has to be accepted, even if it is bad not to have been able to win a match. These June rallies have been complicated since I was there. This time it’s over again. »

The cause of fatigue is acceptable, with four matches in eleven days to end a long season already well spent, it doesn’t explain at all. This was also the case for the Croats and they did not give us as much pressure. So, should we start scratching our nails, so that there is only one gathering left, at the end of September, before the big departure for Doha? A little while, yes. The Eternal team of optimists can always tell us that it is too early to be alarmed, that the World Cup is only in five months, that in any case these end -of -season matches have never been crowned with success for the French team, which missed five title holders (Lloris, Varane, Lucas Hernandez, Pogba, Kanté and Griezmann) or coup d’etat on Friday, he did not stop.

A competition, what competition?

Surely the state of form of the bulk of the troops will be nothing to see here in November, after a spring break, sun vacations, some mojitos and a good pre-season physical preparation. And maybe even Griezmann will have found colors here, who knows, but those four matches all the same revealed more problems than expected. In the absence of some cadres, it would have been thought to see a few heads on the history bench to put some competition into the group. However, apart from Nkunku, Maignan and possibly Tchouaméni, the others lost more points than they won.

Starting with the midfield pair against Kamara-Guendouzi, off topic against the Croats, to which we add the enigmatic Adrien Rabiot, always there without really knowing why, which only makes Camavinga’s absence de cette liste d’autant plus hindi maintindihan. At least in Koundé, again trimbled on the right of the defense on Friday, he, the central defender, or in Clauss, left on the bench all evening, who finally did not have many opportunities to show during this gathering what he could bring to this team. As for Ben Yedder, the rallies follow and gather for the mongasque shooter, knitting on the Rock but catapult in the Blues.

The glass is half full

“I prefer to keep the glass half full, even if it is only a quarter full, Deschamps tried to convince himself, without much success. This gathering allowed me to give young people time to recover, to stop making mistakes that cost cash. There are always answers, additional data in relation to some players, the competition that there may be. There are more, at least There, there were four matches, it forcibly brings new elements, just in case. On that plan it is always enriching. »

And on the inquiry side? “Certainly, in football it doesn’t exist. I am not worried, ”replied the selector, without coming there to persuade the whole world. The only tricolor to have poised the end of his nose in a mixed zone after the match, captain Presnel Kimpembe also tried to calm the game, without further ado. “Nagtataka? Hindi, replied the neo-captain of the Bleus. We know there is a World Cup coming but we still have a little time to prepare. Even if she is going to arrive soon.” of the mouth, Presko.

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