Croatia LIVE: follow the match of the French team in the League of Nations

49e : And Tchouaméni is going to make his first off -surface strike. It was a lack of power but it was the gesture of temptation.

48e : Mbappé makes the Sirtaki dance to his right side but his center can’t find anyone. But that doesn’t stop, the Bleus give the impression of wanting to get out a little on the phalanges, which is already not badly seen in the broth of the first period.

21h48 : Kamara came out after a first period not far from being disappointing, Tchouaméni replaces him.

9:47 p.m. : When the two teams return to the turf, I have only one word to say: Warriors-Celtics live at 3pm that night.

9:34 p.m. : I’ll find you in a little while (if I’m not back home).

45th: Go, end of the calvaire, thank you Mr. Judge. And even if you clearly haven’t been to the point of making a bad decision, I have to say, I refuse to take you too far. Hindi, sa est bidons, it’s what you have to keep in time.

45th: Go, a double time to the bridge on two corners drawn next, each time it is blocked by a foot or a Croatian head. One does not deserve to be equalized in any way.

44e : In solidarity with the players of the French team, I also decided to go on strike (comments).

40e : Oh mom Karim doesn’t put one foot in front of the other (and it costs me to write that), it’s really time to let go and rest after the moldy season he made us. Frankly, these four Nations League matches at the end of a provocative season for everyone, it’s great no matter what. In the face of not including the d’ailleurs c’est pas Byzance, hein…

36e : We are static, we are flipping Deschamps does not even take the pain of lifting his bank, he understood. Soon the end of this interminable international window to the end of which almost no teaching has been retained. Positive, I hear, the teachings.

32e : Kamara and Guendouzi in the middle, I don’t want to be miserable but lighter than you mean (so far in any case). And I can add Rabiot to the lot, completely useless since the start of the match.

29th: The scuuuuuud of Nkunku from the outside of the surface! (well, slowing down actually goes on forever ‘)

27e : We put our foot on the balloon but, creativity question, we will pass. Mbappé tries to do everything alone and, apart from Nkunku possibly trying two-three tricks, is not far from being the only one this match for the moment.

24e : The Bleus are in the image of what they showed in the last three matches, in the hard. It would really be the last day of school before the big holidays. You are there but you already think of the camping that you have planned in the South with your pots.

18e : When the lights of the Stade de France went out for thirty good seconds. Again a coup of the English.

15e: C’EST CHAUUUUUUUUD! What an exit from Maignan to the limit of its surface that comes (while acting like a tweezers) to remove from the tip of the fingers the ball of Budimir’s feet! The mec crows but the exit is straightforward. With authority as it is said on the side of the police prefecture of Paris. On the other hand, behind it, Maignan must pursue his exit and illegally tackle Brekalo off the surface. Good Croatian franc to follow.

13e : Pour this moment into a Mbappé, surrounded each time by three or four Croats (the guys send the foot), who seem to be able to take a bit of danger on Ivusic’s goals.

10th: Mbappé goes against it and gets lost, says nothing to the referee! Well yes, it’s really big… In the window there is no photo, Kovacic NEVER touches the balloon. It was yellow, it would be walou.

8e: In an encore eu chaud aux miches !!! Brekalo’s strong center passes in front of the entire defense making it a second major fray in the stadium.

7e : The reaction of the tricolores was immediate with a good center of Digne on the left, Nkunku had a good surplus but he missed his head. Go guys, let’s get back straight under pressure to start over.

6e: But de Modric! Maignan the touch but at the bottom, this affair begins royally.

5e : Ok, Konaté broke Budimir’s ankle, nothing to say.

4e: WHAAAAAAAT? Peno for Croatia when it was thought to have picked up the ball to go against it.

3 ‘: 3’: And behind it presses back, first Croatian corner concédé under the whistles of the stadium.

2e : First frisson with Kyky’s throw on the left side but his exit for Benz lacks accuracy and the Croats recover the ball.

1st: It’s a party! And we will not build on a victory tonight, a story to end without opening its vines in thinking about the World Cup in November (yes, I am still in the measure).

8:45 p.m. : Let the coconuts, the children are asleep, the chores, the bath and the dish are done, we can finally poke ourselves in front of the cathodic tube, it will go away.

8:35 p.m. : And seeing that you learn faster than I write, I’m sure you have time to throw a little finger on this little piece of paper concocted by colleague Nicolas Stival before this last League of Nations meeting before the great holidays. Presko is the new captain tonight, so for now we can say, the brassard isn’t going too bad for him, even though he hasn’t been called up to keep it here at the World Cup.

8:34 pm: The noise of the stadium at the announcement of the names of Benzema and Mbappé, popopo! That’s the least for Guendouz’s surprise (yes, it’s gracious, I know).

8:32 p.m. : 4-4-2 is just out, without Griezmann, logically left on the bench.

8:30 p.m. : I know that everyone gets mad, but every time I step foot in this stage, he brings me a galley with the sword. Last time, for the final of the French Cup, it was impossible to connect to the stadium’s wifi (CHIANT), tonight, less watch, but I lost all my favorites, passwords, etc. Voilà, c ‘this is the instant “moi moi moi”. Now sa passe aux Bleus.

8:25 p.m. : As usual, the Stade de France will be covered tonight. Hoping to see better things than the last time against Denmark. Karim and Kyky were titus tonight (there was a doubt for Madrilène), so I had enough for my happiness.

8:15 pm: Hello family! I’m a little tired at the stadium tonight (it’s the fault of the Liverpool fans).

And hello! So, it’s almost over, our precious Bleus will soon be able to dig the cramps for tongs, somewhere between La Grande-Motte and Palavas-les-Flots. But first, they have to play the last match of an interminable season, this Monday at the Stade de France. For this fourth League of Nations meeting in ten days, Didier Deschamps’ men will try to pick up a first victory, after a home defeat by two points, et.

A week after the zero in Split, co-workers of the diminished but indispensable Kylian Mbappé find the band in Modric and Caleta-Car. A new remake of a 2018 World Cup final with no bad new actors, especially the French side, between injuries and choice of coach (Maignan rather than Lloris in goals for example).

Because we will never go down to the second division of the League of Nations without a fight, we will meet tonight for the live

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