Cosnois rugby turns the page of the year

Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire. Rugby cosnois tourne la page 2022-2023 …. The XV cosnois has just learned the lessons of a special season in the presence of players, Mayor Daniel Gillonnier, accompanied by his deputy in sports, Patrick Ponsonnaille.

Jean-François Ensenat, the president, preambles the context “a very complicated year, with no bad new players discovering rugby, with the refining of the field during the automatic we are obliged by the drill to compose with the means” He concluded: “I am satisfied, no one is discouraged.”

Treasurer Laurent Bourgeois wears a standard, difficult, but saved balance on the wire, which illustrates the cost of a trip, 650 to 700 €.

Jean-Claude Bournet, the coach, was not, no more, unsatisfied, with certainly fifty-four licenses on paper, but only “twenty-four to thirty to turn. We were rarely twenty-two on the match sheet. ” If “it was a transition season, next year will propose a real championship, I will be intransigent.”

He will be led by Yann Mouton for the physical volleyball, and by Loïc Leroy for coaching. Goal, the bouclier de 2 e series.

No change in the heart of the bureau, Jean-François Ensenat and Laurent Bourgeois will be replaced by Jean-Yves Urruty as secretary.

There are two training sessions left before the holidays. The resumption is set for Wednesday, August 10.

the youth

Rugby school. The rugby school youths are pursuing their partnership with Sancerre under the tutelage of Thibault Algret with Jacques Lafergue as local reference.


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