Corinne Diacre, selector of the French team: “We are ready to suffer”

“Can you describe what you did during this pre-cohesion internship? You have especially played rugby …
It was well guided by Thomas Darracq, the selector of the France women’s rugby team. It was a simple initiation, we did not take risks. He was not injured. In fact a stage of physical and mental regeneration. There was also a big part of cohesion even if we knew each other very well for a while. It was necessary to start with a sympathetic and mastering cohesion, regeneration course.

What has changed compared to 2019 in your approach to the event?
There was also a coordination workshop before the World Cup. Sa n’a rien change. This was also done at the president’s house in Brittany. The only difference was that we had a football session. This is the only difference with last week’s internship. We are ready to suffer, we are going to share the efforts. It’s easier when we have several. This is a normal and necessary period in view of our goal which is to go as far as possible. It started last week, the preparation doesn’t start today.

“The goal is to be ready to play six to 90 minutes, a minimum. »

In what physical and mental state did you find the players?
It had to regenerate a little. The girls had a little vacation week before joining us. They will be fine. They were proud to meet, to meet us, to share these moments outside of football. This morning, they were also happy to meet. Everything goes well.

What are you going to do this week?
The goal is to be ready to play six times 90 minutes, minimum. All the players finished at the same time. The Lyonnaises made it to the Champions League final (3-1 against Barcelona) while the Parisiennes made it to the French Cup (8-0 against Yzeure). The only small difference is with the players who thrive abroad. Those who contested the English Championship finished early in May, in Spain and Italy they finished between May and May, a little earlier than the French Championship. We will have this week to bring the whole group to the same level and then individualize the maximum. »


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