Corinne Diacre and the Bleues “ready to suffer” before the Euro

The last straight line that will bring the Blues to Euros 2022 will be long. Corinne Diacre knows it, and she doesn’t care. The time of impatience, excitement and pressure will come. This is before they even use the next three weeks of work to perfect the tactical scheme and physical condition of a French team that just finished its preparation stage on Tuesday.

How did the pre-internship go last week in the Basque Country? Was there rugby among the activities, no injuries?

Hindi, we were well guided by Thomas Darracq, the selector of the France (women’s) rugby team. It was a simple initiation, we did not take any risks. In fact a stage of physical and mental regeneration. There was also a large part focused on cohesion.

We knew each other very well for a while, but it was necessary to start with a sympathetic and mastering cohesion, regeneration course. (…) There was also a coordination workshop before the 2019 World Cup so nothing has changed. We are ready to suffer, there will be efforts to make, but the efforts will be shared. This is a normal and necessary period in view of our goal: to go as far as possible (in Euros).

At what point do you expect this entry into the competition?

I’m not experiencing impatience on my part, the goal of the season was to qualify for the World Cup previously. One does not miss an objective even if we know that it is difficult to play on multiple tables. With my staff, we managed to stay focused on qualifying for the World Cup. Ensuite sa isang basculé sur la préparation de l’Euro. (…) The excitement will reach as far as July 10 (date of the first match against Italy).

Today we have so much work to do, the Euro is so far away for me. We are in the work, in the reflection, in the analysis, in the adaptation. There is absolutely no excitement. Pour the moment into est serein, in a fact a good stage last week, now it must be hard, that the girls respond well to work hoping that there are not too many injured. It will be seen day by day how this group will develop.

You are going to face Cameroon and Vietnam, two non-European opponents, in a friendly manner. Why them?

The important thing is to already have two matches. In one trouvé quite difficultly deux adversaires. It was complicated to find European teams so we avoided playing teams against which we could play next. There were also requests from nations not qualifying for the Euro but as the preparation was not in a Fifa window, the players were not at the disposal of the federations. He turned to Cameroon who are preparing for the CAN and Vietnam who are qualifying for the 2023 World Cup, two important opponents to meet our tactical scheme to perfect our physical condition.

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