comment on Paris Volley hopes dimension changer avec un investisseur du Moyen-Orient

Paris Volley could soon open its doors to an investor from the Middle East. Discussions have been raging with various interlocutors over the past several months.

Eleven years after the arrival of Qatar or Paris Saint-Germain, and two years after the entry of a Bahraini-based fund in the capital of Paris FC, a third Parisian club could welcome a Middle Eastern investor. As announced by Le Parisien and then confirmed by RMC Sport, Paris Volley, next to Charléty with its Charpy room, has mandated a fundraising and investment company to find a new international investment partner willing to offer it the means. of his ambitions.

And they have been raised, since the club’s revival in 2018 by a pool of players made up of world references (Michal Kubiak, Wilfredo Leon…) to former glories of the club (Glenn and Nicholas Hoag, Stéphane Antiga…). But the club’s development over the past three years has not reached the expected heights.

Paris Volley does indeed have one of the weakest salaried masses in the men’s League A, if not the lowest. And a budget among the lowest levels of the championship, far from the leaders in the field, starting with Tours, a club with which he shares however an incredible palm. With TVB resting heavily on private financing, Paris Volley vit lui des derniers publics.

For several seasons the club has been very largely funded by the City of Paris to the tune of almost 80% of its budget (1.2 million euros at the beginning of the season). The subsidy granted for the mairie de Paris amounts to 826.000 euros or titre de l’année 2021, and is reduced by 100,000 euros for the rapport à celui accordé l’année précédente. The amount dropped again in 2022, which was expected.

A first meeting took place in Paris

But the Parisian club also suffered the loss of its biggest sponsor. In total, the estimated losses amount to more than 300,000 euros. The club budget poured 1,4 with 1,5 million euros, more money, souffle-t-on or club. Pour ambitions into the flot ses, the Paris Volley and therefore started discussions with several interlocutors, three from the Middle East (Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) and another from the United States.

Discussions began about three months ago. According to our information, two potential investors were separated, one from Qatar, the other from Bahrain, the two interlocutors in question did not have the same ambitions. One would prefer to enter the club’s capital, while the other would prefer to invest as a sponsor. Paris Volley has already received a visit from a representative of a Gulf country, who was entitled to a visit to the facilities after meeting with Parisian leaders.

The image of the city of Paris and the radiation of the capital in view of the JO 2024, where the French team will defend its title, the prospects that offer a virgin market, with a huge potential of valuation, are as much as’ atouts in the hands of the Paris Volley leaders. Not to mention that volleyball is one of the most popular and most practiced sports in the world. What attracts investors.

“A rise in capital, it’s a marriage, we saw business that didn’t take place, warned a source close to the file. Even if the deal was good, it didn’t work between the two owners, c ‘ it was human, it did not ‘click’ between them, on the contrary we had transactions or the file was not mirobolant. ” A positive issue is espérée d’ici à la end de l’année.

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