Coming drama with the Pelicans? Zion releases a viral sentence!

In full form after a long leg injury, Zion Williamson is determined to return to the parks to help the Pelicans, even if he has to wait until October. Before that, he must absolutely settle the question of his future, which makes him talk so much. The colossus has just released a viral phrase on the subject, which will interest the fans.

Blessed all season, after a more complicated foot operation than planned, Zion Williamson is now 100%, ready to find parcels. For now, he must be content with simple training, and wait until October to help New Orleans during the West Conference. The playoffs? The title? New Orleans wanted to dream, especially with the successful arrival of CJ McCollum on this roster, who is already so important. With Zion in prime, there is a possibility of doing damage.

But before thinking about the future, especially in the long term, the Pelicans still have a large file to settle with Zion, which could extend his contract in the coming months in Louisiana. This is the extension of his rookie contract, which is often a formality for young players. For example, in the case of Ja Morant, he has no doubt that he will prolong it by 5 years, against the maximum. Zion? It’s more complicated.

In the future, pour Zion Williamson into New Orleans?

If Zion had already proven that he was a special player, it was his health that greatly worried observers. Giving a maximum contract over 5 years is committed over the long term, but also takes risks. What will happen if the player crashes at home? The Pelicans will lose a lot of money. The front office could therefore give him the maximum yes, but under certain conditions, depending on his matches played for example.

In the past, Joel Embiid and the Sixers had a similar deal, which was otherwise very well done. Expect a similar issue for Zion, who sent a message to his front office. Question about the extension of fame and intention of the child to sign, the Duke report answered:

You have to ask Pels.

So everything will depend on the offer to come from the Pelicans. If the latter is less important than planned, it would not be surprising to see Zion refuse to leave Louisiana soon. There should be nothing to separate, because everything is possible in negotiations. For that matter, Williamson himself is ready to stay on track:

I want to be here, I don’t think it’s a secret now. For now, I just want to involve myself in this community and become a pillar. For the rest, we will see a little later.

Recall that Zion could have a contract worth $ 181 million over the next 5 years, if the Pelicans offer it. For the time being, nothing has happened.

Zion Williamson gets the message across: he wants to stay with the Pelicans, and in the long run. It’s also not simple though, not with a player who has spent the majority of his time in infirmary since his draft. If Zion wants his pact, it is also up to him to do what is necessary to maintain good health. Follow.

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