Christophe Urios (Union Bordeaux-Bègles): “A truth has been restored”

Christophe Urios: “In the second period, I got the answer I was expecting. First of all, it was obvious, uncertain, that we were not well allowed to launch the game. After the break, it was better, we didn’t get lost. With the week gone by, that makes sense. Maxime Lucu was good, but he especially was excellent during the week, he led this rebellion, was able to federate around him, was very good in the prize of responsibilities, very good in the game on the defensive foot.

Last week, I became a bitch because I took a big risk. We had to revolt. Kaya, we just did what we were supposed to do last week. Today, a truth has just been restored. That’s what I told them after the match, without adding, because I didn’t want to talk too much. So, his is just back to the level of last season, and semi-finals. I took a risk because I targeted players. My fear was to know if they would be able to recover in five or six days. This is the first time my players were all against me to go to war. Matthieu Jalibert, he is a champion. But the big players make you win the big matches. Hier, I will take care of the Stade Toulousain, and I will surtout vu Antoine Dupont. »

Romain Buros, behind the UB: “The week wasn’t easy, but the group was very close and we saw that we were very united tonight, that’s what paid off. There was already a lot of fighting during the first forty minutes. In an enclenché la marche avant après la pause, in a joué ensemble. It’s a victory in character but not just. Sa isang été bon dans le jeu aussi, sa isang fait un match plein, ça va nous servir pour poursuivre cette phase finale. It was a complicated match the weekend before in Perpignan.

It was a final match, it was a bit crisp but no one cheated and it was us who managed to free us in a second period. L’envie, elle y est. Tonight, we showed that we deserved to be in the semi-finals. It is a very good thing to arrive with full confidence in Nice. Montpellier? It was a very physical team that had a very good season. Even if they were beaten twice, it was a demon, the counters went to zero. The week has passed, but there is something that must stay in the closet. It has been a different week which, for me, has been a very good week. »

Bastien Vergnes-Taillefer: “It was said before the match that we had to give everything. We beat them to the limit, we won the front row. No bad points were recovered from the mix, which allowed us to go to them and mark points. At the time, it was kif-kif, it had to be supported where it went wrong, they seemed a little fatigued. After the defeat in Perpignan, it wasn’t good, everyone had their heads down.

The leaders were Maxime Lucu and François Trinh-duc took things in hand. They organized the videos, talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the adversary, evoked the state of mind. Christophe (Urios) was so nervous that he let the leaders manage the first two days of the week. Montpellier? Kaya, its the outcome of a match that will give us some confidence. We know we will have to wait, it will be complicated but we will get there with intentions to win the match. »

Maxime Lucu: “The public has given us strength. I am amazed at that. From the arrival of the bus, I took the atmosphere of the stadium, it’s something that does well, it has to be served to carry the team. Sa isang laissé des forces dans la bataille, c’est dommage d’en passer par ce barrage. We missed out on the last season, now it’s back. On the action of the first try, I found that there was a lack of rhythm and I was going to get too much back into their game. I saw a battle in the mud, an interval, and I told myself it was time to wake up the stage.

We talked to each other during the week, we saw that we didn’t do the job in Perpignan, we had to take this trick to write our story. We have been a little shy for a while, we have lost confidence, we have to find it. The role of leader? This is a role one should have taken on for a long time. It’s up to the players to take things in hand, to do things differently, to point the finger at what doesn’t go away. As for Matthieu and Cameron, that (Uros’ words) pierced them, but it wasn’t just them, we lost everything, we had to hand them over in confidence, that’s what we tried to to do. »


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