Charnay and new coach Stéphane Leite want to bounce back faster

CBBS leaders and volunteers went elsewhere. It’s the next season. And it seems the coup has easily digested the relegation of the Pinkies to Ligue 2, already showing an appetite to quickly find the female elite.

“Obviously, when it comes to tasting the Women’s League, we want to come back as soon as possible,” said President Jean-François Jaillet last Thursday, at the opening of the CBBS partners’ evening.

Officially present on this occasion, Stéphane Leite, the new Charnaysian coach, was also not late to make the one -on -one with the audience present at the Trois Lacs domain in Chérizet. This is a sign for three years in favor of CBBS incarnate and effet a new cycle for the club. “When I get engaged in favor of CBBS, the club is last. So I knew what I was exposing myself to. It’s certainly disappointing not to evolve again in LFB, but that’s not a big disappointment. On the contrary, looking at the climb is exciting! So I had the chance to join this club where the good atmosphere reigns and with which I want to take a lot of action, working closely with everyone ”.

A body preparer

On the parquet but also behind the scenes as Stéphane Leite, who defines himself as a project man, wants to take part in the structuring of the club. With the desire to also find the highest level of French as soon as possible thanks to a competitive team of 10 good players. But also an extended staff on his side. With for assistant Fabian Unovis, young Marseillais who had until then been in charge of the U18 France du Cavigal Nice.

But also a physical trainer dedicated to the person of Antoine Metz who is currently officiating alongside the U16s of the French Pole at the INSEP.

Olivier Christophe appointed 2nd assistant

In addition to his staff and Olivier Christophe, the club’s historic coach and person in charge of its training center, Stéphane Leite also wants to favor crossroads between the fanion team and the club’s young talents. The reprise de l’entraînement est fixé au lundi 29 oût, the premier match officiel of the CBBS new-look is before 8 octobre in the Coupe de France. Then a week later in the championship for a season where Stéphane Leite wants to succeed – and rebound – as he had done with his past in Landerneau. With brio. And proximity “within a club that has everything to succeed” according to him.

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