Chalabre. Tennis: this, set and match for TC du Chalabrais

The fifteenth annual of the Chalabrais Tennis Club ended on Saturday, June 11, with a 100 % chalabroise final, which was dedicated to Lucas Martinez, against Hugues Ferrié. The two local racquets put on a duel under the sun, culminating in a master hand orchestral tournament by the Chalabrais Tennis Club team.

114 participants

At the time of setting a final point in the 2022 millennium, Bruno Carbonnel accompanied by Jean-Jacques Aulombard, mayor of Chalabre, expressed his satisfaction to be able to return with a competition that reunited 114 kalahok, from the region, Limoux, Mirepoix, Lavelanet, la Bastide-de-Bousignac, Pamiers, Montazels, Laroque-d’Olmes, Mazères, Montpellier).

The first thanks went to the club’s volunteers for their investment during the fifteenth year, and to the institutional partners whose support ensures good tennis activities throughout the season. After congratulating all the competitors in the race, invited to take the date for the 2023 edition, Manon Gimenez and Bruno Carbonnel proceeded to hand over the prizes.

The palmarès

Winners: Lucas Martinez (Chalabre), finalist Hugues Ferrié (Chalabre), semi-finalist Paco Izart (Limoux) and Florent Audié (Quillan).

Winner ladies: Valérie Guarinos (Mazères), finalist Maeva Izart (Jacou), semi-finalist Isa Chalumeau (Mazères) and Vanessa Czekata (Limoux).

Table 4 series homes: winner Gérald Mourareau (Chalabre), finalist Maxime Borios (Lavelanet).

Extra 35 oz: Chalabrois Gérald Mourareau faces Quillanais Cédric Rosano.

Extra 45 oz: Jean-Luc Féral (Quillan) l’emporte against Xavier Clamens (Quillan).

Consoling gentlemen: winner Raphaël Gitton (Mirepoix), finalist Xavier Clamens (Quillan).

Consoling woman: winner Laurie Puerto (Chalabre), finalist Laetitia Malot (Montazels).

For boys 15-16 years old: Raphaël Eychenne (Mirepoix) will face Timéo Verganzonès (Chalabre).

Finally, in the Doubles category, the Trophy of Legends was replaced by fire, the last square stamped TC du Chalabrais saw the pair Jérémy Roncalli/Fabien Conte break the pawn in extremism with the young guard composed of Margot Toustou Arnaud Carbonnel.

After handing out rackets and small yellow balls, everyone shared an aperitif in the shadow of the clubhouse, on the eve of a new successful edition.

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