Carbonne-Longages Rugby in the semi-finals

It is in Salbris, in the Loir-et-Cher that Rugby Carbonne-Longages (RCL) will take on Hayange, the Grand East champion for the French championship. The players, starting at 4 am, were surprised to be entered by a team from Hayange counting in their ranks some very young promising players. From the 1st minute, the Volvestre Tigers, perhaps still not completely out of the way, had a transformed test.

It took just five minutes to RCL to return to normal. In the 6th and 8th minutes, it was Bruno Bourgeois and Damien Rigodanzo who marched and allowed Carbonne-Longages to take the lead. Damien Rigodanzo offers a doublet in the 20e minute, before Barbera and the marque in the 30e. Castet turned three of the four tests. In my time, the score was 26 to 7.

The Carbonnais accentuated their lead in the second half, thanks to Letombe in the 50th and Barbera in the 62nd minute. Hayange did not lower his arms, and after having reduced the mark to the 56th minute, a close up the score in the 75th minute, bringing the final result from 45 to 19.

Despite the more difficult last twenty minutes, coach Franck Tebaldini was satisfied: “It was really a very good match and we have to pay tribute to our opponents. There was a lot of play, but very little on foot. We did the players. proof of good solidarity. At the beginning of the season, we didn’t think to find ourselves in the last square. It’s just a bonus “. Then, pour a place finally, the RCL XV affrontera Caraman, pour 100 % haut-garonnais.

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