Boulogne-sur-Gesse. Tennis: motivated after Roland Garros

Strong of the first place in the pool obtained in R4 and qualifying for the final table, the 1 man team traveled last Sunday to Venice 1 in the eighth final.

After four days in Paris to tighten the links and get down before this final sprint, then two days in the stands at Roland-Garros to offer game strategies and despite a plane delayed an hour to return to Toulouse, general stress, questions and fatigue, the representatives of the Three Castles were at the meeting in Venice to unveil this final table. With a 6-0 win, the team consisting of Jean-Baptiste Cazenave, Cédric Byé, Florent Marignac and Jérôme Séreillac offers a quarter-final at home, on the courts of Saint-Marcet, opposite Beaumont de Lomagne 2 .

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