Bordeaux-Bègles pulvérise le Racing 92 at affrontera Montpellier at demi-finales sa Top 14

The battle: 36-16

Some players have to be pierced from time to time to force them to answer present. The manager warned, Christophe Urios had put on the reaction of his key elements to come to the end of Racing 92 in dams. His players gave him a reason. Defeated by the score at the end of the first period, they sure to impose themselves without hesitation before game time and push back the French threat to qualify in front of their audience, Sunday night, for the semi-finals.

Ibuhos ang autant, nervous, maladroits, no doubt stressed by the desire to do well, the Girondins had multiplied the mistakes in the beginning of the match, just because their half of the international mix Maxime Lucu decided to quickly play a penalty to the main. Seventy meters away, Argentine Aide Santiago Cordero planted the first try of this match (20th). In reaction, Karera 92 multiplied the fast times between the 23rd and 27th minutes, without success. Until, with just a double jump, Frenchman Ben Volavola finds his back Max Spring for the test (39th) who allowed just before the break at Racing 92 to lead (8-10).

The second period was at the Bordelais’ advantage in their international scoring, with operator Matthieu Jalibert and flanker Cameron Woki, game leaders whose coach, Christophe Urios, wanted to see a kick. What they were. With two French goals (45th, 57th), the Girondins replayed by three tries, signed Seuteni (47th), Buros (54th) and Woki (60th). Sa loob ng 29-16 after those eleven minutes of girondine madness, the Racingmen lost their benchmarks, tried the impossible and disorganized themselves too much to force their destiny individually.

Well orchestrated by Maxime Lucu, master of his art, the end of the match vit the UB, serein, manage his advancement to the score. Then the Lesgourgues-Trinh Duc charnière succeeds the excellent duo Lucu-Jalibert, in a fifth well-constructed essay, signed in the late 80s by Ben Lam-who has not found the path to goals in eighty months. – gonfla the display board. The Girondins will then head to Nice to face Montpellier on Saturday, June 18 (21:05), the next day in the other semi-final (Friday, June 17, 9:05) which will face Castres and Toulouse.


The name of the yellow card. As in the other barricade match between Toulouse and La Rochelle, the night.

Player: Ulupano Seuteni, the disconnect element

Very solid on defense against the international duo Fickou-Vakatawa who never found the solution at wide, Bordeaux three-quarter center Ulupano Seuteni (28) was perfectly placed at the height of his teammate Moefana to sign the second try of the ‘ UBB, who thus regained the lead in the score (15-13). Before delivering a model of a brisk walk on foot for his back Romain Buros launched into the test (54th) which finally gave a bit of air to the minds (22-13).


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