Bookmakers unveil great favorites to recruit Rudy Gobert!

Rudy Gobert is there heart of all the rumors since the elimination of the Jazz, and things are not supposed to calm down in the coming weeks, on the contrary. Bookmakers are about to raise the stakes on the next French Pivot franchise, and a big favorite is at stake.

To leave? Will you leave? At the moment no one knows what the future holds for Rudy Gobert, at that time, who takes the time to decompress and connect with the NBA microcosm during the holidays. The proof, he was recently spotted with young boxing superstar Ryan Garcia, with whom he was trained and took a viral photo.

But while he enjoys himself, the name of the pivot of the French team comes back with insistence and some rumors, and most recently he sent it to Brooklyn pour dating a formidable trio with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving… In case of departure in the coming weeks, he could hardly dream of a better situation, if it is not perhaps on the side of the Mavericks, where his audience with Luka Doncic would do wonders.

Rudy Gobert revealed bookmakers in Toronto

In anticipation of a clearer picture, bookmakers have decided to launch the pair on Rudy Gobert’s next team, and there are some pretty unexpected names like the Knicks, more often linked to Donovan Mitchell in the media. And according to Las Vegas, there seems to be a franchise that is largely alienated from others and that would be the big favorite to hook up to multiple All-Star services. Sports Illustrations they tell

The Toronto Raptors have been seen as bookmakers’ favorites to host Rudy Gobert this summer, with a 2 -way rating on certain sites. The other teams mentioned are the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Hornets, and Los Angeles Lakers. According to specialists, there is an infinite chance that he remains in Utah.

According to bookmakers, Rudy Gobert has a good chance of engaging with the Raptors in the coming months, where he will be the cornerstone of an already terrifying defense. Under the orders of Nick Nurse, one of the best coaches in the league, he could still pass a cap, which would be good news for him, but also for the Bleus in the OO 2024 option.

On the other hand, on the offensive side, the doubts would be more numerous. If Fred Van Vleet were part of the package proposed by Toronto, the effect would be without a real attacking creator, who would be disabled in many situations. At least Scottie Barnes has not progressed in strength and that he can already become a leader and a franchise that sees the playoffs.

Rudy Gobert’s name is at the heart of all the debates in the NBA, that is to say his place in the current hierarchy. It is one of the biggest names of the lyes, and even if it is often criticized, many are those who would love to see it land in their franchise.

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