Bleus: Lizarazu pays homage to Deschamps

Rédaction Media365, published on June 13, 2022 until 1:25 p.m.

Champion du monde 1998 with Didier Deschamps, Bixente Lizarazu, did not recognize the tactics of his former coéquipier in the équipe de France.

After two matches, Didier Deschamps has returned to a four -defensive system within his tricolor team. A return to basics after trying to produce with only three elements behind. Based on the recorded results, it is worth noting that none of the options were really convincing. Pour Bixente Lizarazu, the former international tricolore, the main fault is none other than the selector himself.

“Why insist on placing players in positions where they play against nature and where they are less performing, especially on the sides, the 1998 World Champion asked in his chronicle for The Team. Lucas Hernandez, Benjamin Pavard, Lucas Digne are lateral backers. They will never dribbler and overflow with the qualities of a flyer like Kingsley Coman. In the role of a piston, the latter would never defend him as a lateral rear and would be able to complete the turns. Defense, more than any other sector, rests on coordination and automation. ”

Lizarazu worried about the French defense

Lizarazu then proceeded inviting DD to return to a classic defense where every member knows his role and where benchmarks have existed for a long time : “In four, for example, the laterals must be heavily involved in alignment and space reduction in width, while three pistons are further extended and are often disconnected from central defenders when they must return stage of defense. To overcome its current defensive difficulties, the French team needs a framework that makes it easier for me to set up with a four -man defense. In this system, we would find several players in a more natural position ”. The Basque knows what he is talking about, he has been one of the most hermetic defenses in the history of the Blues.

Lizarazu finally concluded by addressing a final punch to Deschamps, advising him to stop change just to change. “In the face of encounters or in the face of certain opposition, I can understand that system change is a weapon that is likely to disturb the adversary. But before trapping the opposite, we have to be careful not to trample ourselves, ”he said.

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