Bis repetita for the blues at the U20 handball world

Second match, second win for the Blues at the U20 handball world. The French team did nothing but beat South Korea.

The day after a beautiful inaugural victory against Brazil, he had to hand over the blue jersey this Thursday for the second match of the IHF U20 World Cup. Opposed to South Korea, the players of Eric Baradat celebrated their performance of the night, with seriousness.

On the good side of a solid 7-18 at the time, the French capitalized on a good defense to keep the Koreans at 30% successful shooting in the image of Jiyeon Jeon, credited with a good morning 0 /5 on the return of the dresser.

Especially used on a 7 meter jet in the first time, Melanie Halter was able to appreciate overtime in the second half of the match where Sarah Bouktit would try to play the opposing defense (7/7 as a player of the match. )
If the Koreans regained their colors thanks to Yeosong Lee (6/10) and Eunhye Ji (5/9), the victory of the blues was never a mystery. In the balance of this encounter, the precious 5/5 of Cassidy Chambonnier, the young back of Fleury, will be retained.

Brick side Zaliata Mlamali, however convincing the night, could not find the way to the net with a 0/2. Laura Fauvarque in turn validated her presence on the match sheet with a goal on her only attempt.

Final score: 21 – 34

At the foot of Norway

The next match of this U20 handball World Cup will face the Blues on Saturday in Norway to determine the title of Group D.

Another World Cup winner, Italy’s Giulia Fabbo, leaned in for the second consecutive match. Italy, this time against Denmark, stumbled on a score of 26-31 despite a 7/12 by the Metz Handball player, who was the player of the passing match. The team is currently in the last place of Group C.

Photo credit: IHF

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