“Big rocks like golf balls”: significant damage in the Loire after storms

The storms continue to do damage. The Roanne (Loire) region was particularly hit on Wednesday evening by thunderstorms, which damaged several roofs, firefighters said Thursday.

“Since 5:00 pm, we have received 1400 calls, which have generated 466 interventions in Roanne and its suburbs, including 360 in the only commune of Coteau,” which joins Roanne, named Loirepompiers firefighters.

The main interventions concern roof breakdowns, which resumed on Thursday morning. Two teams of drone telephones are also expected from nearby Puy-de-Dôme to help with the recognition.

Some 2,500 square meters of roofing from a Coteau chocolate factory have been “deteriorated”, according to firefighters, who will have to reconstitute their stock of plastic bags at a company in Saint-Chamond, near Saint-Chamond. .

25 orange vigilance department

“The grilles were as big as golf balls,” the Coteau city council told AFP, emphasizing “solidarity among the people who are willing to dig” and “the work ethic of firefighters.” Public gardens and green spaces, which have been the subject of “massive investments for the past two years, have been ruined,” the mayor further lamented. These incidents did not cause any casualties, firefighters said.

Already on Tuesday, violent storms had caused significant material damage in several parts of the center-east, including Saône-et-Loire, Nièvre or Allier.

A new 25 departments were placed on orange alert Thursday for hours in the northeastern quarter, a new violent storm surge being expected in the middle of the day in the center-east, spreading to the northeast in the ‘ in the afternoon.

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