Besançon. The women’s handball team at Stendhal College is crowned champion of France

Stendhal College in Besançon is, three times, very proud of its students in the UNSS sports sections, sections led by Caroline Dabonot and Florian Larue, EPS professors.

Swimming, handball and escalade

Proud already because, since the beginning, between the trainings at the college and those in their respective clubs, thanks to the various competitions in which the students participate, the latter have managed to advance to the final test in France.

Fier then, because there are no less than three disciplines (swimming, handball-boys-girls-and climbing) that are going to face the many establishments retained for the 2022 titles.

Finally, because the young athletes have failed in their efforts or strategies to hope to reach the supreme title across the country.

This year, Caroline Dabonot took her handball players to Saint-Raphaël (83) where they took third place in excellence at handball players in Manosque (04) where they were crowned champions of France. While Florian Larue led the swimming team on Clamard (92) at the climbing group in Arnas (69).

All of these adventures were made possible with the support of the college management team, happy to see its students involved in major sporting challenges, and the support of historical partners in the sports sections.

For its first participation in such an event, the wrestlers finished 35th out of 53 engaged groups. The swimming team, despite good sensations, ranked 15th out of 47 teams present this year. On the handball side, the men’s team had nothing to lose by coming 3rd in the “excellence” category. These are the bizarre handball players who are rocking this year’s event by claiming the title of champion of France in the “Excellence” category. All this little world of school sports has been restored filled with performances, the best has been given on earth, in the air and in the water, Stendhal College has reason to be proud of.

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