Bernard-Herry du Plestin Handball tournament and 300 jeunes handballeurs-Plestin-les-Grèves

Packed with more than 40 more motivated volunteers than ever before, Maëlys Dudous, president of Plestin Handball, put in place the same 7th edition of the Bernard-Herry tournament. The motivation team poured 38 equipes into the origin of 16 clubs, throughout the sportif plestinais complex. Record a battu, with the participation of 300 enfants de catégorie – 11 ans et – de 13 ans!

They deployed intense energy throughout the day, in an extraordinary atmosphere, full of colors, cries, and laughter: in short, a beautiful day of handshake, fair play and exchanges.

Plestin Handball “thank the invited clubs, the young people for their handball talents, the volunteers who have contributed to such a great success. A tribute to Bernard Herry who would have been proud to see an event of this magnitude on the sports complex that now bears his name. The club’s challenge returns to Taulé Carantec.

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