Bazet. Tennis: the Emile Labrador tournament returns

After two years of absence, the Emile Labrador tournament of the USBB (Union Sportive Bours Bazet) is back for the greatest happiness of tenniswomen and tennis players.

This OPEN competition for the over 35 to 45 or in the 12 to 18 age category started on June 1 and will end on June 25 on the new exterior courts of the Léon Audoubert Complex and in the case of temporary construction.

For this 7th edition of the Emile Labrador tournament, 70 to 80 fans of the little yellow ball take part in the competition.

The judges will be led by Patrick Erberharb and Charles Saint-Hubert who will oversee the tournament.

Here we are not Roland Garros, the sponsors are therefore not national nor international but rather local.

Also, the organizers especially thank the baseball traders for participating in the financing of this USBB tournament: “In the Sense of the Seasons” by Perrine, the florist, hairdresser Peggy of Hair Changer, the tobacco press of Cyrille , Clément’s wine cave, Pascal’s Vival Superior, Sébastien’s Pyrenees butchery, Jelka and Pascal’s Kiné Lounge, Nathalie et David’s Solemio pizzeria, Boulangerie Aux délices des p’tits Anges d’Éric. Thanks also to the company Tual de Soues who helped finance this challenge.

Every evening from 5:30 pm you can go and encourage these players and these players. Move to the Léon Audoubert complex, for sure, you will have immense pleasure to all these competitors and to all these competitors.

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