Basketball (Pro B). Samir Gbetkom is the first recruit of Elan Chalon

Passing through Nancy’s coaching center (2015-17), Samir Gbetkom also played with the Portel Hopes (2017-19) where he made his first good matches. But he actually started his professional career in Gries/Oberhoffen in Pro B in 2019-20 (6.7 pts, 1.5 passes in 16 ‘) before getting involved in Vichy/Clermont where he progressed for two years.

Author of 8,4 points (at 50,6%) and 2,5 passes 21 ‘in 2020-21, Samir Gbetkom on a tourne cette saison at 10,6 points (at 42,3%) and 2, 5 passes 22 ‘. A solid defender, he stood out in total power during the playoffs (18.4 pts to 55.9% to 3 pts, 3.8 rbds and 16.2 in the evaluation in 5 games) with a notable point with 34 points (8/13 for 3 pts) followed by 5 rebounds and 34 in the evaluation in match 2 won in the quarter against Saint-Quentin (77-65).

More information on our paper edition on Tuesday, June 14…

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