Basketball/Pro B. Éric Mittelhaeuser, a bright season

This season is also historic but inevitable for Éric Mittelhaeuser, co -president of BC Souffelweyersheim along with Éric Auvray. Next weekend, the first team to win the right to play in National 3 on the return trip will compete in the Grand East Cup final.

“This year, what makes us happy, is that we return with the top of the table. Sa is the first of the region, made a Mutual Credit Cup final, won a Grand East title, all with the youth of the cru, appreciate the souffelois leader. The same young people who, ten years ago, were asking for autographs from team one. It’s a bit of history that begins. It was learned that they had the potential and Daniel ( Pereira, the former deputy of Stéphane Eberlin ) did a very good job. Sa isang worked for twenty-three years with Stéphane, if this year was an end to the cycle, it was not an end in itself. It’s very gratifying and it’s even a pride ”.

While he still has a title to vacate, the BCS co -president has already reflected: “Without putting pressure. It has always worked like that, the results are obtained without any pressure. I told Daniel that in the next two or three years, he would have to come close to National 2. We will try to get the public back, I think those who can’t forcefully move to see the matches à Gries »

“The biggest blow, it was in February.”

This season, Éric Mittelhaeuser wore a second co-president cap, that of the Gries-Souffel Entente. A necessary alliance for the son of the historic leader, Gilbert Mittelhaeuser. “For the BCS, the Pro B had been complicated and last season it had been especially since the League imposed on us to have hopes in the team as we had no training center. Our pensions do not part. Time was left to reflect. In February, it was said why not form an alliance. Schiltigheim had been thought of before, but it turned out to be difficult, before considering Greece ”.

Administratively and economically, the formula seems to work perfectly. On the field, the results, in turn, await. After 19 days, the ASA, however ambitious, tops ProB’s last place with only six wins.

“The biggest blow was in February. With bad results, the question arose: and if Stéphane ( Eberlin ) did not come to save us? The board has decided to quit its functions. That was a real heartbreak for me, book Éric Mittelhaeuser who doesn’t hide his ties with the Alsatian coach. In the meantime, you put everything on the table: a long-term friendship, money because it will fail to find someone, all the work you do, the positive image of a family club. It was to save ASA with its seventeen employees at a training center. »

Honestly, the co -president does not hide what he has questioned. “Sure, I could have resigned but it would have been catastrophic for the club and I was going to blow up the whole project. When you accept a position of president, you have to know what you are committed to and you know that you have to make certain decisions. This decision to suspend Stéphane was without a doubt one of the hardest in my career. I had to tell him myself. He understood it very well, he knew it was part of his job. »

Thomas Lotz, member of the director and paid sportsman, dressed and foulée a list of coaches who could agree to the ASA. Very quickly, the choice falls on Julien Espinosa. “With the BCS, we met Antibes in Pro B and we had played the final of the first Leaders Cup ProB against the Antibois. I had observed him, remembering Mittelhaeuser, in charge of the sports party as well. There was someone who, in his coaching, in his manager, liked me well. He had succeeded in rescuing Antibes and, for us, it was a sight to behold. We didn’t know if we were going to keep up, but he was the man of the situation. The team needed a new speech and Julien was ideal to take on the challenge. ».

Ang maintien is obviously the goal set for the new coach at this time of the season. But the owner of an electricity company puts a small piece on qualifying for the playoffs. “By provocation at first. Because even if we were flexible, we only had two play-offs. Everyone hoped for maintenance, but no more. We had fourteen victories. ”

“At a given moment, it was injurious! »

The play-offs and questions not yet missed d’enthousiasmer l’Alsacien: «À un moment donné, on était injouable! If he had me Marquis (Wright), I want to pass the final and who knows… We had won in Chalon, in Blois, and twice in Nancy ». In addition, the last two cities will evolve in Elite next season.

And if he had to keep only a souvenir? “There are too many things going on,” the director concluded. Maybe the satisfaction of the work done. We always think, when we are at the bottom of the gourd, that life will never be as it was before and yet if. For brave people, life always has a path.

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