Basketball (NM1). La Rochelle’s father will “stay out of the norm”

Obviously, this access does not fall into place. The arrival of the club in the caravel next to the Gaston-Neveur Hall in 2018 had to mark this passage in the elite antichamber. The marketing, communication, economic skills (non -exhaustive list) of the big brother of rugby had to make basketball not too trainee in N1. The spring 2020 signing of Aymeric Jeanneau as general manager would have been, she, the accelerator coup.

A question of time

Came to professionalize the structure at its sporting and economic development, the one that has become since general director has a wide field of action. A year later, the election of Charles Kloboukoff (also president-founder of the Léa Nature group, a major partner of the club), as chairman of the board of directors of the SAS Stade Rochelais Basketball in place of Dominique Salbreux, was even stronger. the organogram. It was a matter of time.

After a 2020-2021 season marred by the health crisis and finishing in a 3rd place hopeful, 2021-2022 should be the year of consolidation at the top of the division table. If from his job award Jeanneau had announced “want to have an opportunistic team”, the envisioned plan was well worth a climb next season.

A sensation reinforced at the beginning of March when the mayor meant to his coach François Sence that he would not be the man capable of crossing that cap to Pro B. The leaders were building their effective future for the N1.

A tour de force

That is why this access is an incredible turn of force. A human adventure in the first sense of expression. Thirty minutes after the end of the match, François Sence arrived at the center of his meetings, the man recognized the “mixed feelings” and preferred to pay tribute to his group. “We’ve experienced so many things with diametrically opposed emotions throughout this season. The effect has always been able to recover after a failure. In high -level sports, this is often the most difficult. In an ensuite été capables d’enchaîner. What I love is that you always have to be vigilant, even in the euphoria. It is for this reason that everything will always remain out of the norm ”.

“Around us, no one believed,” admitted Desmond Quincy-Jones. Then we started to chase victories and fur and measure, a trick was put in place. »

The negative ratio displayed at the beginning of February (10 wins – 12 losses) was then wiped out by a memorable series (21 wins – 2 losses). With pride a demonstration of collective strength displayed in the return final against Mulhouse.

“Rare moments”

“These are rare moments in a career, continued“ DQJ ”, which saw its 3rd accession (after Denain and Saint-Quentin). We discussed with Arnauld (Thinon), it’s good to go up at the end of the regular phase [comme Angers l’a fait, NDLR] but there are the final stages, the course of the fighter. Finishing off the playoff title is really another adrenaline rush. »

Since Friday, the nights are short. Festivities and requests a little everywhere, Clerc and his companions savor this incredible destiny. “Since Friday, I have to be at bedtime at 7 or 8 p.m. It was the celebration, the party and a little bit of alcohol, rigolait Gaëtan Clerc, who on Sunday participated in a barbecue with the company of staff and his co -workers. And the atmosphere around the back indicated that the enjoyments were far from perfect.

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