Basketball/Elan Béarnais: Brandon Jefferson could join China

After a prolific season in Béarn, Brandon Jefferson hopes to play his starting clauses to join the highly lucrative Chinese championship.

Nicolas Sabathier

published the modified .

Offensive leader Elan Béarnais and best marker of the French championship, Brandon Jefferson could bounce back at the Chinese championship next year.

Brandon Jefferson’s offensive cards are not left insensitive. Approached by several European parties, the leader who had joined Elan last summer from Strasbourg, could again change this weather despite the two -season contract, with clauses, which still ties him to the ‘ Elan Béarnais.

According to Greek insider Cristos Harpidis, Jefferson would finally be engaged with the Chinese team of Tianjin Pioneers for next season.

The editorial advises you

If you have confirmation, it will allow Brandon Jefferson, 31 years old in November, to make a very nice financial affair at a championship where attackers of this caliber are remunerated to heights unimaginable in Europe.

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