Basketball: away from the account, Rodez private regional title

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This is certainly not an anecdotal title. That of the Occitanie champion in Prénationale. But it doesn’t stop, the Ruthénois were disappointed this Saturday, June 11 evening in the P.-O. in Toulouges, while they did not carry the weight against the hopes of Toulouse basketball club in the final, 50-75.

The day their coach Matija Sagadin celebrated his 38th birthday, those who have already earned their climb in National 3 a few weeks ago, thus lowered the pavilion for the second time against this opponent. Indeed, while the Adam Williams and Scientists season was almost perfect, it was the TBC that inflicted them only twice back in the season, tonight and once before.

Toulouse BC spoke of its youth tonight and its athletic strength to dominate the Ruthenians too ill -tempered and embarrassed to take the shock.
Nice aveyronnaise reaction in the second half, but he didn’t have a photo (already 42-23 at the break).

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